A New Kingdom by Thomas M. Watt

1st full review of my book! Thanks a ton to Dave Higgins, who is always fair and honest.


A New Kingdom by Thomas M. WattUnlike many authors narrating stories with a strong element of religion, Watt neither ignores other religions nor consigns them to falsehoods and evil magics. Instead he posits a world in which the benefits of any honest faith are the benefits of the true faith. Similarly, he does not condemn science itself. Combined, these acceptances add immensely to the sense this novel is about a world-spanning invasion by aliens rather than a crude allegory.

When aliens invade Earth and kill his father, James O’Keefe takes refuge in a nearby military facility. At odds with the leader of the bunker and thirsting for revenge, he returns to the surface and is quickly captured by the aliens. Faced with a choice between submission to the God that let his father die and the benefits of collaboration, he soon abandons his revenge for a place beside Mendax, the alien’s leader.

The story is an…

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One thought on “A New Kingdom by Thomas M. Watt

  1. I am so proud of you! You finally got your book published and even got worthy review. I’m now excited read to this book because I know that it was written by an outstanding writer. I hope that you would continue doing an excellent job

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