God or Aliens?

aliens or God

If aliens visited earth, how would it affect your faith? Would it shatter your religious views, or not change a thing?

What if aliens invaded planet earth, conquered and enslaved the human population, and informed us that God was a myth invented to keep humanity in line?

I want to hear some thoughts on this subject. Go ahead, leave something in the comment section. This question consumed me for a year so much that I finally wrote a book about it.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses… Unless your name is Keith. You know who you are, Keith.

– Thomas M. Watt

4 thoughts on “God or Aliens?

  1. For anyone who has faith in their religion, I don’t believe that this would make any difference. Faith requires no scientific basis or proof to still be fact for religious people.

    Even without Aliens, we are surrounded by scientific proof of evolution and geology that demonstrates how life evolved and the amount of time the earth took to develop. Yet, people still have faith!

    If Aliens arrived, I believe that people would hold on to their faith even more and pray for redemption.

  2. My faith is based on reason and evidence, and I would change it if I were presented with new evidence. However, just having an alien tell me that there is no God isn’t evidence. The Soviets did the same thing, and now they are history while the Church that brought down the Berlin wall is still there.

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