Intelligence Vs. Faith


One of the great questions every person faces during their lifetime is whether to place their faith in God or scientific reason. The debate has gone on for centuries.  An issue that I find particularly captivating is, at what point do you reconsider your own religious views due to the testimony of another?

For example, I’m certain every atheist has heard a man of unshakable faith recount stories of spiritual blessings and unexplainable phenomena that suggest “help from above.”

Likewise, any person who lives for God must at some point face the fact that many of the most accomplished and brilliant people of this world have achieved great success without so much of giving God a head nod.

This is a major conflict my hero must face in “A New Kingdom.” The alien invaders conquer mankind in one night, and after enslaving humanity with tremendous ease, he is left to wonder what kind of God would allow his children to be defeated by a Godless race.

Would you be willing to change your views on faith if a more intelligent race of non-believers were to conquer the human (and historically God-fearing) race with ease?

– Thomas M. Watt

5 thoughts on “Intelligence Vs. Faith

  1. The way I see it is that the reason that there are so many religious people is because they are indoctrinated at a young age. Unfortunately most religious parents force their religion on their children from day 1, and because human babies have a built in sense to trust authority, it makes it very difficult to convince them otherwise. Under the right conditions you could teach a child anything and have them hold on to that belief against all odds and evidence contradicting it. It’s what Holocaust Deniers and people from the Flat Earth society.

    A logical thinking person would clearly see under certain conditions that their beliefs may not be accurate, for example many Christians doubt the creation story in he Bible due to the Scientific evidence contradicting it. From what have seen and heard about in books and on YouTube, the journey from religion to Atheism is a long and painful process over many years. I think that if a Godless race overtook Humanity with such ease then it would soon show that if there is a God, he really doesn’t care. And that raises the question: “is such a God worth worshiping?’ because a God like that isn’t the one in the Bible and shows no visible sign of his existence.

    I, as with most Atheists, would become religious if there was sufficient evidence for it, but many religious people do not build their beliefs on evidence, but a deep seated need to believe. It really depends on how logical and rational your main character is.

  2. I, on the other hand, was raised Atheist and changed my beliefs because the evidence convinced me that Atheism didn’t fit the facts. Again, the existence of aliens who conquered the Earth isn’t evidence either for or against the existence of God–I’m not sure why anyone would think that it was.

  3. And the idea that there is a choice between science and belief in God is brand new, historically speaking. The scientific method was invented by Christians, after all. The idea that the universe follows rational laws is based on the idea that the universe is an artifact designed by a rational Artificer.

  4. Every race has some form of a god or gods…even an alien race…I am betting with 100% surety that there are alien races out there who have their own gods and their own “bible” . Some are probably war mongers who want to attack other alien races and subjugate them and others are peaceful enough to just want to explore and learn from the other races and perhaps even want to help them. Just as their are extremes and factions in our own humankind there must be on other alien worlds. We as humans are special BUT we are not as special as soooo many people on this planet make us out to be. We are NOT one of a kind.

    Your question tells me that you think we are THAT special that “our” god (like if there is truly a god he couldn’t have more than one planet . one galaxy, or one universe to manage under his umbrella).

    If GOD is as we say so omnipresent and all knowing and all powerful why would he Give PLANET A any special favors over PLANET B… maybe he loves them both (or hates them both) equally and wants them to learn from their mistakes of attacking an entire planet and enslaving them. This has happened on our own planet on a smaller scale over thousands of years and god never intervened (as far as I can see) to stop it. It just gradually got better and the situation went away through our human compassion and moral compass pointing us in the right direction.

    And what does a god care about scale anyway? Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions….they could all die an instant and I think it would feel the same to that god… (just conjecture of course. I never assume I know what a person is thinking…even a god…:) (even though everyone else seems to know)

    I personally don’t want to worship anything or anyone….respect yes….take advice from yes…love maybe even…but not worship. To me all gods are those asshole friends who never come around to say hello or give advice or listen to your problems or help move your shit when your moving our of your apartment.

    Show up , get your hands dirty with me….laugh with me… toil with me …let me know your in it with me and you care…then I might like ya just a little bit…then maybe I will call ya friend…but worship you no… I would sooner worship my cat…

    (I will post this rant from me on my own blog…thanks for listening… 🙂

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