If you want to be a writer, you need to check out this blog (and it isn’t even mine)


I don’t know who you are, Writes with Tools, but clearly you know your shit.

See for yourself – click here.

Thomas M. Watt

2 thoughts on “If you want to be a writer, you need to check out this blog (and it isn’t even mine)

  1. Seeing as WordPress has limited comment strings I thought that answering your last comment on counter creationist here is as good as any place.
    While I do not have any published books I am currently working on a book about atheism and religion in general, but I don’t know how long it will take to complete. And I have been working on a trilogy for the past few years (I tend to get bored quickly, so I wasn’t working on it non stop for the past few years), but it is aimed at a young/er audience.
    This is a small piece from the prologue of my book on atheism:

    For many hundreds of years Religion has been a major part of human life and existence, it gave us hope in times of need, interesting stories, mythology and artwork, but it is far from innocent. Beneath the good things the Religions of the world hide some dark secrets, stuff their followers do not like to reflect upon, nor acknowledge. And for good reason, for taking too much time and applying rational thought causes faith to crumble to dust.
    From the ancient times of Zoroastrianism and Spirituality to the modern day, Religion plays a massive role in many countries, but Religion’s grip on the hearts and minds of the majority of the planet’s human population is starting to falter. Over the years we have seen a distinct rise in the Atheist population. Using rational thought, logical thinking and powerful arguments the skeptical, free thinkers of the world are getting through to us all. Most Religions rely on keeping the population ignorant of the contrary, because when people don’t know any better it is easy to believe, but when challenged even the most pious people start to falter and let doubt consume them.

  2. This looks well-thought out and very interesting. I can never get enough of stuff like this, just spent some time this afternoon reading up on Scientology. Curious, what is your history with religion? Were you raised in a religious household, or were you brought up as an atheist?

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