Master and “THE ROOM” – 10/20


I’m busy adding a riveting twist to the ending, one I believe will add a heavy layer of drama to this psychological thriller. Finishing this book is consuming my writing time, and keeping me from posting short stories on here. The final part to Too Perfect Marriage took me six hours to write, but I accept that. One thing I am certain of – rushed writing is cheap writing.

Though there are tricks, techniques, and structures that will greatly enhance your stories, emotion can never be artificial. If you are not feeling the anxiety, disgrace, or enchantment of your characters, neither will your readers. Consequently, it is a waste of time to churn stories out like I’m some sort of machine. What I produce will repel you.

I am on the fence about posting the opening pages of Master. Because it is only a hundred + pages, I must have a definite release date in mind. That way I can give away the right amount prior to making it available. I am reluctant only because posting the pages on here guarantees that the book will be self-published (it is greatly frowned upon by publishers to pick up a book with content already posted on the web).

Mainly because I’m immersed in finalizing Master, I haven’t put much time into taking my gaseous plan and morphing it into something solid. I haven’t queried a single publisher or agent about Master, and have yet to look into the pros/cons of pursuing that avenue. This is the first book I feel would have a chance at getting picked up, in spite of its short length. I’ve queried a terrible book before, and the process is aggravating to say the least – they tell you to wait up to 6 months to hear back, and even if someone requests and loves your full manuscript, it takes roughly a year to get that book into stores. I am, to a fault, an impulsive person.

I hate posting poor content on here, and have no intention of transitioning this blog to a shameless book promotion website. When I do launch into marketing mode, I intend to do so in unique and exciting ways. Nobody wants to buy a product that is crammed down their throats – but they might consider biting into a pitch if it’s delivered with spoonful of humanity.

On a lighter note, check out the clip below for a good laugh. It’s from a movie titled “The Room” that has been voted the worst movie ever made. It’s so godawful there’s been a bestseller written about the making of it, and get this – James Franco is making that story into a movie.

  • Thomas M. Watt

16 thoughts on “Master and “THE ROOM” – 10/20

  1. It is a difficult decision to make — to post some part of your book or not. Since you believe this to be a book that could be picked up by a publisher, then I suggest you identify two or three publishers that you know would pick up this kind of book and query them, letting them know that you’ve sent it out to one (or two others), or maybe not even mention it. Read their submission guidelines. Sometimes it is ok to query more than one publishers, depending which one you check out. As you may already know, there are also some books that were self-published and got so much hype that a publisher picked it up. This happened to John Grisham, and there was this one other writer too, I can’t remember her name. You know that woman who published her first vampire book, Anne Rice, had 100 rejections or some big number like that. Listen to your gut.

    • I’m grateful for your terrific advice, Karina!

      I think self-publishing while querying is likely the avenue I will pursue. I’m an impatient and proactive person, and can’t stand the idea of waiting for approval. From my understanding book promotion is a necessary skill for any author to acquire, no matter how big. I do know that publishers track sales through collecting data on ISBNs, so hopefully I’ll be able to effectively sell my novel enough to call attention to it. At the very least, I’m looking forward to exploring uncharted territory.

      Your comment really got the wheels spinning for me, so I want to thank you again for writing it.

      • I appreciate your consideration. Like you and many other bloggers I’ve come across (via reading their sites), I originally started my blog because I had finished a book and was going to use it as a venue to showcase my writing that would in turn catch the general reader’s attention and would then buy my book once I’ve captivated them with my writing. The funny thing is I have instead gotten distracted and have been putting off dealing with my book, which is really a novelette. Now, I’m inclined to put off working on it because I’m still working full time and just don’t have

      • Oops, I hit the send key accidentally. That’s what happens when one writes too long of a message using one’s smart phone, which can have an over sensitive keyboard. Oh well, the point I was trying to make is your publishing story makes me want to take my time even more. Good luck to you and I’ I’ll be looking out for your book.

      • Haha, I’m glad I have an influence on you, Karina! I always get in trouble posting with my smartphone because I’ll type on word, but once I press ‘space’ a different word takes its place. Frustrating, to say the least. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  2. Great post as usual 🙂 That video clip of “The Room” smells of an SNL parody 🙂 Sorry, I have not been reading your past few posts, I have been busy not so much with work, but with the homework of my college class that I have been working on. That is beside the point though and I cannot wait for you to post your first part of your book “The Master” 🙂 Anyway, you are talented writer and blogger highly deserving of success and keep up the great work as always 🙂 P.S. was that cartoon image on the top of your blog entry illustrated by Robert Crumb?

    • Haha, I know that movie is ridiculous. Made $1800 in two weeks after 10 mill was poured into it. I’m psyched to hear you’re looking forward to the release of Master.

      I’m unable to identify the cartoonist responsible for that drawing, though after google image searching ‘Robert Crumb’ I think it’s likely that he drew it. Stop by at your convenience, it’s always great to receive your comments.

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