Certified DGA – 11/30


Vernon Time

Saturday night I had the honor of playing a villain in the ongoing web series Vernon Time. It’s a really dark, unique show that features incredible cinematography.

That’s right, contrary to popular opinion based on the shitty POS I posted on Saturday, I’ve decided to go ahead and take acting a little more seriously. This has always been a back-burner dream of mine, but something I’ve occasionally wanted to do. It beats the shit out of the accounting homework I’ve been doing all day, tell you that much.

One of the great benefits of being involved with film productions(regardless of the size of their audience) is that they allow you to connect with a group of people working toward a common goal. Many of us love to write because it allows us unlimited freedom and independence. Unfortunately, this also makes the journey to traditional publication/high volume of sales extremely difficult. For instance, when I set out to write I never imagined I would:

  1. Spend 2 months learning the rules of grammar.
  2. Type like Melnyk plays piano.
  3. Post in a bible forum where I thought I might find readers for a particular story.
  4. Steer clear of that bible forum from that day forward
  5. Spend a full day learning the game of “Go” for a scene where someone looks in a window and sees two people playing Go.
  6. Make so many changes to my query letter I found myself pitching a novel that was 10 times better than the one I’d actually written.
  7. Get an “A” in my English Composition course.
  8. Discover that most pompous asses who use big words to sound smarter than the general population are actually committing felonies while on the run from the grammar police.
  9. Realize that using big words to impress people is a great way to practice abstinence and isolation.
  10. Second guess myself every time I claim to have DGA (decent grammar awareness) because I swear there’s so many intricate little rules you could spend your whole life studying them but the first time you write “It’s been a pleasure” some little imp will pop out of the nearest bush and say, “Oh, really? It is been a pleasure? I bet you you can write good, too… moron.”

Below is the first episode of Vernon Time.

  • Thomas M. Watt

Author of Master


11 thoughts on “Certified DGA – 11/30

    • Hahaha! Grammar is a huge part of life. Not that this is right, but the relationships we maintain over electronic systems of communications are directly affected by our ability to use proper grammar. Make too many mistakes, and people will make assumptions about your intelligence.

      Studying grammar wasn’t fun, but I’m happy I did it.

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