Rain Day – 3-13-20


I’m currently finishing up the 1st shift of my weekend night shift tour. It’s 4 am over here and I’m tired as hell.

Well the video is online and I managed to get some views through some shameless self promotion. 2 dislikes which may or may not have been due to my self promotion style of advertising. I can deal with that.

I’m aiming to create a channel that pumps out 5 min shorts on a weekly basis. I want to create an efficient, reliable source of entertainment to build an audience and improve my filmmaking and story telling skills. I can’t understate how fun and eye opening it is to write a story then see how it plays out with human actors. I learned from my experience last Saturday that giving a main character repetitive lines such as “You’re crazy dude” and “When was the last time you slept?” really do hinder the drama and conflict you’re trying to build.

Over here in Riverside it’s supposed to rain until Saturday. My scene partner says he may be available on Sunday. We shot the first half of our scene last Saturday.

There’s a few obstacles here I’ll have to confront. The major challenge will be finishing a scene in the same location with different lighting. If it is not cloudy outside, it will be a noticeable difference. We could cut to a shot of him hiking and use voice-over to finish the scene. Maybe I could cut the scene early then show the second interrogation as if it’s a separate day. I’d love to reshoot the entire scene but finish it through its end, but that’s when the time and efficiency factor comes into play. For now I don’t really know what we’re going to do.

I do know this – I have to plan better. I should have the script fully fleshed out days in advance and have any materials needed already purchased. I can take pictures of the location we will film in and have a strong idea for where I will be placing my camera. These are factors that I can control.

If we don’t shoot on Sunday, I think I’m going to build a DIY dolly. I also need to work on recruiting real, legitimate actors. I’m partially procrastinating on that end, but I also feel that building up a resume of quality short films will build a reputation for my channel that it’s worthy of people serious about film. That’s all for now, I’m going to try and stay awake as we finish this graveyard out.

Below is my first short scene. If you want to check it out and give it a like, I’d really appreciate that. But if you give it a dislike I will spend the rest of the day boiling with rage and contemplating deeply about the direction of my life until I find a reason to validate my own filmmaking decisions and belittle those who criticize me no matter how justifiable their opinions may be. And then I’ll tell my shampoo bottle and he’ll agree with me. He always does.

3 thoughts on “Rain Day – 3-13-20

  1. Here’s is my critique for what’s it worth, I thought the establishing opening shot was awesome. It readily conveyed the “down on their luck” of the characters and the environment they lived in without telling you but instead showing. So that was great. I think you can excuse the acting and focus more on the set up of the actors in the scene. For instance, the guy trying to convince the other guy to do the job should have been standing and walking around in trying to convince his friend at least for half of the scene and then perhaps leaning into him a little when he and if he sat down. Both those just show engaging the scene a little more. That’s less acting and more the director choosing them to have them sit. This scene needs it… you need the guy to have a more of sense of urgency ..and he would be standing at times or the whole time, pacing a little, maybe in the other guys face… drinking a beer and waving it around while making his point. Animated. This seems like a urgent conversation based on a conflict in the guy’s mind, and with him trying to convey that conflict and urgency to that other guy. He should be brow beating that other guy into agreeing not calmly sitting and talking in a controlled voice.

    I think this is just test one of four of five of this scene…. you should definitely go back to this scene and mix it up. FIRST try the standing of the character and animation…and who cares about bad acting… This shows intention of the scene and also gets you better at directing a scene. SECOND, I would reverse the roles and have the other guy play the other character one time and see if that does anything to the scene. THIRD, make sure on camera POVs that the characters are in the same position from scene to scene. the guy sitting was leaning back in the conversation then in the very scene in close up he was leaning forward. That jump took me out of the scene for a second. Starting off in film making is a always a big learning curve… you are gonna stumble man.. trust me. But then things will begin to click…and then an instinct will be there for what will work and what wont from prior “mistakes”.

    Plus its good to experiment because then you find YOU in the process of all the obstacles.. and the YOU will be YOURS becasus
    you clogged through all the shit and learned what process and style you like that works for you and that conveys your story
    in the best possible light to the broadest audience.

    This may all take awhile. They say people can MASTER anything in 7 years. And you are basically at DAY one .. That’s one day down ….. 🙂

    BUT DON’T give up dude… I see your passion… and that kinda of passion has carried people far…

    I am an Writer, but I am NOT a DIRECTOR, NOR am I a actor in movies BUT I HAVE been around both of them a fair amount on sets, and know a few directors and a slew of actors locally here in Michigan and the advice above comes from what I have picked up on over the years.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for not only taking the time to check the video out, but also for analyzing and sharing your thoughts in a coherent, constructive manner. I’m going to return to this comment in the future because this is some of the best advice I’ve heard. I didnt think anyone would notice the jump from slouched to upright but clearly I was wrong. You are right about having the character pacing initially – it does seem too even keel for the subject they are discussing. Thank you a ton for your feedback!!

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