Progress – 8-7-20

white head

I’m shocked and thrilled by the response I’ve gotten over at actors access. For 3 roles, I’ve received a combined total of well over 1000 submissions. Actors who have been on television commercials, played minor roles on television programs, and tried out for major roles on feature length films have all applied. There’s a ton of talent on there.

So I’ve spent the majority of my free time this week combing through them. I’ve completed my assessment on one role so far and requested a self-taped audition from the finalist. I’m hoping to find the time today to get through the rest before Sunday.

I’ve also ordered the necessary props for the upcoming episode, and am preparing for my first ever ZOOM meeting with the meet group I made on Sunday. We have ten people attending.

Beyond filmmaking, Kelly and I furnished our apartment this week – buying a grill, a couch, and a 55 inch television. I am in the process of preparing the place to be a film set for the cult headquarters as well.

I will have to get some pictures of the layout and upload them here for you soon. Any free time I have I’ll be sure to post another update. But I have to say I’m very excited that my dream is rapidly transforming into a reality.

With a system to get actors in place and multiple shooting locations, I should be able to begin pumping out new episodes for Mountain Cult on a monthly basis. I’m extremely relieved to be able to focus on making films again.

Farewell for now.