Meaningful Update – 8-27-20

Michael & Katie

I finally filmed again. Episode 4 is in the works, which has me equal parts excited and humbled. After a week of never-ending emails and updates, I gathered 3 legitimate actors who all showed up on Monday and delivered a helluva performance.

The early footage looks amazing, but I’m going to have my work cut out for me in the editing room. As of now, I plan on filming again on Tuesday, September 7th and 8th. I have one other actor who is onboard for the project that I’m excited to work with.

The highlight of my experience is that the actors really enjoyed the script and got into the characters that I created. My dialogue played out pretty crisp on paper and non-repetitive. This is a big improvement for me following episode 1.

Katie 2

Some of my key takeaways from my experience Monday (mainly for myself):

1. Create a shot list. Know your angles and when to use them. Have the 180 degree rule well drawn out ahead of time.

2. Improve ability with manual focus. I need to learn how to adjust it along with camera movements towards and away from the lens.

3. Set piece – if I’m going to film in an apartment again, I better make sure there are paintings, posters, and christmas lights filling up every last square inch – especially any wall space that will be in the shot. A blank wall just looks terrible.

4. Wall paper. The actors skin tones matches my yellow walls. The reason this matters is it makes it difficult for me to adjust and highlight their skin tones in the editing room without changing the wall color as well.

5. Figure out lighting. Get softer lights. Learn how to balance the frame with shadows and brights.

I know none of that probably matters to you. Anyway, here’s a few stills from the first day of shooting for “Mountain Cult – Episode 4”.

Darrell 2

katie 4

group 1

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