Brown-Eyed Dawn – 10-7-20

Mike & Sebastian 1

I realized something today – I focus way too much on my current projects, and don’t set aside any time for promotion or brand-building. I also experienced a zen moment where I figured out that I use wordpress for journal entries rather than producing content that might be useful to others. 

I started to work on a post about how much weight each word in a script carries, something I’ve learned from directing my own short films. Next, I figured out I was about to embark on a 3 hour journey to create a compelling post. The downside of this is that I have only 12 hours before I work again. I must take advantage of editing time while Kelly, my mysterious girlfriend, remains asleep (I’m sorry babe I know I should have woken you up to hang out I wasn’t thinking at the time of my writing this).

In short, here’s the gist of what I’d like to post today:

  1. We filmed 2 scenes on Monday outdoors that went extremely well. The previous 2 occasions I filmed exterior I had my shit pushed in. Finally, I won a battle (due in large part to beginning at the ass-crack of dawn. Dawn’s asshole, if you will.
  2. My truck’s engine was shipped on a freight from Arizona. Somehow, it went missing during transit and a different engine will require another 6-9 days.
  3. Whenever you post bullet points, make sure you always list 3 items or else people will think your list was unnecessary.

Below are a few shots I’m proud of from Monday’s shoot. Thank you for making it this far into yet another meaningless post.

Mike & Sebastian 2

sebastian 1

sebastian and mike 5

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