After being locked away editing for months, it feels extremely satisfying to finally be able to market my work.

I have posted my work to film freeway in order to find contests to enter, and the response has been overwhelming. Around 50 different contests have offered me a %50 discount to enter, which is awesome!

Today I have the tasks of writing them all down and budgeting my contests allotment appropriately. I would like to view the work at festivals if at all possible, and will try to enter contests appropriately.

As always, hustling has been a challenge. I’ve posted my teasers here as well as reddit and am approaching other avenues as well. I’m trying my best to build up some hype for episode 4’s release. I want to reach 1000 views on it before the end of January.

One platform I desperately would like to post the video to is Amazon Prime Video Direct. If you post a video on there that begins garnering a large amount of rentals you can receive monetary compensation. The big problem with this is the music in my videos come from Epidemic Sound. There standard license does not cover amazon as a platform.

This means that in order to post my video there, I would have to replace all of the current music. I can either record music myself or pursue another artist to provide the score. Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but this is a platform I would like to submit to. Only other option would be to purchase a single track license from Epidemic, which at $99 a pop is out of the question. Stay tuned.

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