More Excuses – 12-7-20

End Title

No trailer yet. I became too invested in an animation yesterday. This involved the closing title. I have good news, however.

I have completed the project.

I’m going to be screening it tonight and get some eyes on it. If there are no glaring issues, I will be announcing a release date. I am hoping for this Friday, but I owe it to everyone involved to release it on a date that I can use SOME kind of marketing for. I have the next two days too hang with my girlfriend, but I plan on making a trailer tomorrow. Once the trailer is completed, I will spend a couple hours figuring out a marketing strategy.

Chances are I will not be able to build a ton of momentum going into release. However, I would like to optimize the exposure on the date of release as much as possible. Even if that means giving the cast a couple of days to plan a small viewing party.

I am very excited to watch it tonight. I’ve gone over it pretty intensely and believe the color grade, audio, and animations are all the best that I can make them. That for me is my indication that it is ready.

Hoping to post a trailer here VERY soon. Stay tuned.

Completion Update – 12-5-20

This picture does not accurately reflect the tone of my post.

Today I will put the finishing touches on episode 4. I hope to have a trailer done by the end of the day and will release it tomorrow morning. I plan on posting the episode next Friday and marketing it for one week.

Editing has taken much, much longer than I first anticipated, but that is alright. I have had to learn how to use after effects in order to generate animations that don’t look cheap and half-assed. I’ve had to learn color grading in multiple different ways – finally realizing masks are the most efficient way to separate skin tones from walls that don’t provide enough contrast.

The reason I am alright with taking so long is that I have learned so much during the course of this episode I am convinced I will continue to improve my filmmaking abilities and be able to edit much quicker in the future. It is easy to take short cuts and down load visual effects rather than craft your own, pay for Luts to avoid extensive color grading, and settle for low audio volume because you don’t want to learn how compression works. I spend most of my time at work learning about these subjects.

I’m certain the actors in the project have concluded that I abandoned the project altogether at this point, as I have not been providing them with any updates. I will attribute that to my own objective honesty and refusal to get there hopes up. Nothing brings me more joy than to see my work appreciated. I would like nothing more than to discover they are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the finished project. The other thing to keep in mind as a director of legitimate actors is that I want them to be proud of the episode. If they are not, they will not return.

Once I am done editing, I will move into marketing mode. Any person who follows my blog will rightfully realize that I am a single-minded individual. I am incapable of wearing many hats at the same time. I get overwhelmed if I begin thinking about the next steps too early. Once I am done editing, I will spend the week looking at various contests and give strong consideration to imprinting T-shirts with the logo of the show on it. Despite having a net total of 0 anticipated customers, I believe after this episode comes out I may have several supporters who might “like this sort of thing.” As I’ve stated previously, any type of revenue I can generate for filmmaking will have an exponential effect on the efficiency with which I can create short films. As long as I do not have a budget for film I will have to work overtime shifts to finance them myself, which obviously reduces the amount of time I have to shoot, write and edit.

Looking forward to sharing the trailer with you tomorrow. If I don’t have one ready by then, please kick me.