It’s About You, Not Me

Damn I sure nailed the douche look.

That will be my general theme for making progress in 2021. It may sound like an accusation, but I promise you, it is not. But in order for this theme to take effect, it’s going to take some serious effort.

My current approach to social media, self promotion, and future plans have been centered around myself and my own ego. This isn’t inherently wrong, but it is inherently flawed. It is a result of following primal intellectual instincts rather than having the reservation to realize others don’t want to hear about me, they want to hear about themselves. We are all humans and at our core care about self-preservation above all else. Self preservation as it pertains to intellectual pursuits produces different responses to different stimuli.

If you ask another artist to view your work (and we are all artists of some form or another), they will compare it to their own. If you ask another artist to review your work, they will critique it. If another artist is envious of your work, they will look away. If another artist is unimpressed by your work, they will smile politely, nod, and forget they ever viewed that abysmal heap of shit.

So what is the answer? To recognize it is not about you, it is about them. Understand who you are communicating with and adjusts your message accordingly. If somebody else is producing works similar to your own they will be more receptive to viewing your work if you first take the time to view theirs (i.e., leaving a meaningful comment on another wordpress blog). If somebody else is a fan of work similar to their own, cater to their curiosity and provide a reasoning that will show them why they might enjoy your product (find a person who follows secret organizations and tell them you have made a web series about a secret organization).

In the current age of instant communication, meaningful relationships have fallen apart. Much of our days are spent staring at screen, pressing a button, and scrolling onward. Take the time to listen to what others have to say and demonstrate that their work has meaning to you. If you can spend the extra five minutes it take to do just this, you may begin creating a group that supports your work and genuinely hopes for you to succeed. If you “like” 1000 posts instead you will generate nothing more than you’ve given out – a thousand empty clicks – and nothing more.

Now for the real reason I made this post:

2 thoughts on “It’s About You, Not Me

  1. Dear Thomas,
    Reaching out to others somehow resonates within you, too. Enjoy your day being you sweet self!

    Never Give Up
    Believe with unwavering faith!

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