The Valley of Shadows

You are on your way to that which you most desire. Every action you take, thought you hold onto, and decision you make is propelling you toward that goal. It should remain at the center of your life and be the driving force guiding your behavior and habits.

It is cumbersome to convince yourself that you are satisfied with mediocrity. It is comforting to assume the gatekeepers of the big and powerful systems would never accept someone like you. In order to avoid the disappointment of the future it is common to avoid the hope of the present.

But let me tell you why you shouldn’t.

Because this isn’t the first time you’ve been tempted by impossible stakes. There was a time where your very survival felt endangered. You knew that if you didn’t push harder than you thought was humanly possible you would fail – because that’s what every fiber of your being told you was true.

You will never pass that test. That person will never love you back, forgive you, or give a damn that you exists. That organization will never hire you, that home will never house you, that clothing will never fit you.

And if all this chatter brings to mind the thousands and thousands of failures that mark your human existence, I want you to look harder. Because you are continuing to let the impossible talk to you and refusing to see the hope it has wedged itself in front of. You don’t need a thousand examples of proof that the impossible voice is wrong – you need one. But the truly dangerous experience will come when you begin to hope and believe again. Because by the forces of positive habit you will see the wall of impossibility rapidly crumble into sand.

You are blind, but you will see. The battle begins today.

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