Rays of Dawn

Finding a location for episode 5 has been a source of tremendous discouragement for me. I have discovered some good news, however – Riverside Film Studios offers their studio for use (at a price of $850/day). I came across another website that was displaying establishments that had agreed to allow their venues as filming locations. I initially believed these to be free for public use, but after speaking with 1 agent it looks like it would cost me ~ 550 a day for use.

It’s funny, I have spent a solid year learning anything and everything I could find as it relates to film production, from pre- to post-. I have no issue learning a new program, studying new equipment, or reaching out through social media to market the videos. But for some reason finding an adequate location has depressed me.

I know why – it’s a certain feeling of helplessness. It greets you as soon as you set outside in search of a new path. It pesters you when you’re sleeping and eats at you when you’re not.

A huge concern of mine is obviously the price. Not to sound frustrated, but what kind of a fucking idiot would I be to pay that amount for a production as low budget as mine? One of the reasons it has affected me to this extent is because during my conversations I have received discounted offers – and they are nowhere near what I am willing to pay.

On the upside of all-things-perspective, I have not been reaching out and contacting other potential venues/agents/services as much as I can. Part of the reason is that they are used to dealing with legitimate, established production companies. I absolutely detest having to explain how inferior and new my company is. Another great area of frustration for me has been discussion of future plans – or “making it in the industry.”

This area of frustration does not make logical sense, and I’m aware of that. But for some reason it drives me to befuddled introspection when I spend any time considering my lack of interest in pursuing a Hollywood career in any sensible way. It’s as if I’m obsessively improving in a field for a job I have no intention of applying for. It’s kind of a sign of insanity… I just would like to tell good stories, and that’s the source for everything that I do.

But I’m awake early today and determined to take action. I believe when you set out to do everything in your power in order to accomplish a goal an unseen pathway reveals itself. I also believe that if you keep trudging along blindly the rays of dawn will gradually appear.

Not that it’s of any real relevance here, or to this post, but I have spent the better part of the past month working with pro tools by remastering episode 1. I finally have a working understanding of what it means to “mix audio” for a film. I successfully exported the stems yesterday and enjoyed watching the film with sounds, music and words that were was cared for, EQ’d, cross-faded, and leveled (though not perfect). I still have to figure out how to export each track as mono (rather than stereo) because I believe this is required in order to export for surround sound from premiere pro. Maybe I’ll do a post about everything I learned tomorrow.

Anyways, just wanted to type up an update here. Enjoy your day and the journey that awaits you.

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