The Logic of Illogic

I’ve begun writing episode 5 but I have been hindered by a post I made recently. It was about emotional movements and how rapid fluctuations help engage the viewer and rope them deeper into the story. I stand by what I said, only I have realized this appeal toward emotion does not come naturally to me.

There are 3 primary methods used to appeal towards the perspective of others:

Logos – Logic

Pathos – Emotion

Ethos – Ethics

I have been seeking to infuse conflict into my story by way of argument. After-all, I envision the bulk of the story will take place with a group seated in a circle. On its face it sounds boring (obviously), but I strongly believe with the right glue this can be an entertaining and engrossing dynamic. What have I realized as I write, however, is that I almost entirely rely on Logos to appeal to the viewer. Through the medium of cinema, logos is probably the least appealing of the three.

I find when I am in “my zone” I build differing viewpoints up and strengthen both sides of the argument until it comes to a natural conclusion with an undeniable victor. This is ok, but it is plain and without flavor. People don’t watch cinema so that they can follow along to a list of bullet points and root for the character who makes the least grammatical mistakes – they root for the character who plugs a 9 mm into the ear canal of the hyena shouting “It’s just a prank bro!” and responds by saying “So is this.”

I’m trying to reshape my writing habits and apply emotional beats that viewers will find more appealing. By focusing scene movements more on ups and downs, actions and reactions, I believe the story will be more compelling and the tension more effortless. Reasonable people do reasonable things, but afterward they click on an article about Cardi B and how much money she spent on a car that she doesn’t know how to drive. I don’t need to write reasonable characters, I need to write chaotic ones.

Along with writing I’ve been playing guitar more often. It’s a beautiful, unparalleled joy to be creating again through both forms of art.

When we behave as consumers we are the ones who become consumed. Our emotions, moods, interests and well-being are decided by outside factors. We eat to feel happy, we watch the news to feel disparaged, and we use alcohol and drugs to subdue our dissatisfaction with our own realities (I really shouldn’t say we when it could just be me.)

I find when I am creating my dreams are more pleasant, my mood is more upbeat, and my mind grows sharper. The art becomes an escape into the light that I am otherwise blind to. On top of this I’ve taken the initiative to lead a second meet-up group (for the time being) and will be holding an online meeting this Sunday. I have made contact for another potential filming location and feel confident I will be able to find a spot to shoot for < $500. The day of filming will be a major area of focus for myself once I have the story written, because I will have to race against time to avoid wasting hours on set-up, rehearsal, or retakes.

Enjoy your opportunities to be creative today. It is not about the end product nor is it about the ability to receive payment/admiration for your work. The act of creating is more fulfilling than consuming. The more this truth is realized the less power our vices have over us.

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