Ideas and Speculation

I rewrote the 2nd act of episode 5 last night. A strange phenomenon typically occurs when I write draft after draft of a story, similar to the children’s game of “telephone” – ideas that are no longer connected remain in place.

Every good story is built on one centralized question. The conflict, tension, stakes, and plot twists are all branches that grow from that tree. I have some really unique material and ideas that I wanted to include in the story but are currently trashed. Despite this being a tough pill to swallow, I think that refocusing the events on the centralized question will increase the mystery and improve the pacing.

I’m eager to put out a new video each Sunday. As of right now I’m not even close to making that deadline. I do have an idea that involves 1 scene that will be filmed in 5 different ways. Each variation will introduce a new story telling device/element. I’m fairly certain I will go through with it.

The idea is to write a 1 page scene that involves some kind of argument. I will write several versions of the same scene with different story telling elements implemented. I can play both parts in the scene and wear different wardrobes. I don’t see this type of video posing any sort of great challenge, but I do think it is original and will be fun to view. I think the most appealing aspect of the idea is that the scene won’t be comedic but suspenseful. Although I am not trying to make videos for writers or filmmakers, I do feel like this will be a good video that I can make in a short amount of time. I’m not sure it is in line with my “marketing strategy” but at least it will be increase the quantity of material available on my channel.

Anyways I am dozing off. Good morning to everyone else who has managed to avoid the zombification of working a graveyard shits. Hopefully I can wake up and record some takes before finding myself back at work again.

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