Cartoon Thing

This cartoon music video was made to raise funds for episode 5 of Mountain Cult. I had to learn Ableton Live to make the track then figure out how animate in After Effects. It was hard.

Episode 5 of Mountain Cult will cost $2000-$3000 to film. I have the main actors set and the script is ready. I will be looking at alternative platforms in order to solicit investors. $1.99 may not seem like much, but each donation adds up. The cool thing about receiving small donations from a large crowd it keep me free creatively. If Joe from accounting funds my project then I will be required to include the coffee mug his 1st wife threw at him.

I enjoyed making this cartoon and will consider making another one in the future. It is a great low budget way to tell a story. I also enjoyed making the song. If I improve at animations I’ll post stuff like this more regularly. If you donate to support my cause, feel free to comment below about how giving away those 2 dollars was the biggest mistake you ever made.

Song – “Galactic Space Boners” by TMWproductions

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