Muddy Progress

Production on Mountain Cult episode 5 begins Monday. We will film the opening scenes that amount to around 5 pages. I am excited to get back into filming and feel very happy about the casting decisions so far.

The workload has been never ending – I ordered new equipment a week ago, sent out for casting, conducted zoom meetings, created a kickstarter page, and so on and so forth. There is still much more to be done, however I feel I’ve done a good job and addressing complications rapidly.

One of the biggest challenges ahead will be kickstarter. If I can secure funding for this film it will prove to me that it is worth the time and effort it requires. I will offer t-shirts, mugs, and (hopefully) a dvd of the episode of itself. The cool part about doing all that is it puts merchandise out into the world which I consider free advertising.

I released a new edition of “Film Journal” this past week. Several months ago I wrote a post that discussed my apprehension with recording vlog style entries, but I ultimately decided it was in the best interest of the film series to begin making them. Though it has increased viewership over time, it’s hardly made a difference with my subscriber base and overall fans of the show.

I often contemplate whether the show is worth the effort that goes into it. It’s like delivering a product that nobody ever asked for. And I’m still open to doing more short films instead.

The thing is, the show is a low budget, low time involved project. It offers some informational value and further markets the show. The downside of pumping out short films each week is I wouldn’t have the time to edit them to my liking. As a person who hopes to direct feature length films one day, it won’t speak much to my ability if I just rapidly churn out content that does not reflect my abilities and knowledge as a filmmaker.

I remember when I was trying to become a published author I learned all about marketing campaigns. One of the things I learned was the importance of marketing your book before it is even complete, that way you have an audience who is looking forward to it. Now that I’m moving into production, I think I’m going to stick with making “Film Journals” as I move forward to see this goal through. I sure do feel like a dumbass, however.

Check out the latest episode of Film Journal below if you’d like.