2023 Early Self Destruction

Happy New Year!

I saw an intriguing video this week by youtuber “Why Files.” His channel is excellent and I watched it grow from 100,000 subscribers to 1,000,000 in one year. He credited much of his growth to the popularity of his YouTube shorts, which eventually influenced the Youtube algorithm to recommend his long form videos.

I am still animating the 30 minute episode I’ve been working on. Considering the success of the Why Files, I am contemplating putting out Youtube shorts on a weekly basis. This would add more work but if I can keep the animated scene simple it may be to great benefit.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little comic. Don’t worry about Ricky too much – he’s that over analyzes everything.

Paramedic Robot Comic #2

I’ve got 18 minutes animated for episode 1 and am nearing the finish line. I’m apprehensive about what the future holds as I still have to do the audio, sound effects, and music. My major new year’s resolution will be delegating jobs to others and disciplining myself to tight deadlines. In the meantime I’m going to accept that creating anything from scratch will always require more time than dragging and dropping the same asset in the future. I’ve enjoyed making these comics and have established a customized template. I intend to create one of these a week and devote no more than 30 minutes to the task. Hope all is well.