I Need to Be


Feel your stare your absent glare your want of knowing what’s in there,

Know you sought to know me through, I’ve got not much to say to you.

I’m sorry girl but don’t you see these thoughts have got the best of me.

Would rather here some more ’bout you like what it is you want to do.

Tired of the thoughts of me, tired of wanting, needing sleep.

Say to me the things unsaid the things most folks so often dread.

You know the words the rhythmic blues the fear of saying just what is true.

I know you feel it ’cause I do to, I know just what is plaguing you.

But don’t you see the vision’s free the only way to ecstasy.

You hear me spinning words like that, that’s just to get you on your back.

No I’m kidding, joking please. Don’t mean to make you quake you knees.

Ah nice slap that hurt a bit I’m sorry girl I cannot quit.

Sometimes the way these thoughts expel like flagrant breaths through quiets yells.

Baby girl it’s back to you, tell me so I feel them too.

Don’t ask me what, you know the answer, it’s penned inside your heart’s disaster.

Show me pain and misery I’ll show you mine but for a fee.

I swear it tears me up inside, pulls my heart out, leaves me dry.

Please don’t go there, please don’t please, please just see I need to be.

Not quite trying, nothing cares, here’s the secret I’d like to share –

Hold your moans your throbbing chest, you cannot let me get the best.

Oh quit trying to play me please it’s all a game until you weep.

Sorry girl, you have to know, the thoughts own me I have to go.

– Thomas M. Watt

Dragging his Heart and Scoffing


Fred walked through the crowded sidewalk with Melanie at his side.

“Why are you so quiet?” he said.


“Because why?”

“I’m thinking,” said Melanie.

He chuckled. “You and your thinking. It’s no good for you, ya know.”

“Isn’t it.”

Fred shook his head. “It’s just pointless. You should interact more. You should talk more. No need for you to be such a bore.”

“Oh,” Melanie continued walking.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, there is nothing wrong with having some personality. You should try to see the beauty in life more.”

She scoffed. “Beauty is all I see.”

“Then why do you seem so glum? Why are you always so short with me?” said Fred.

“Because you can’t keep up with me.”

“Can’t I?” said Fred.

“I see the way you chuckle and its ugly to me. The way you always try to act like everyone else. It’s unattractive. I don’t like that. There’s no beauty where you want me to look.”

“Then where should I look?”

“Where I look.”

“Which is?”

“Originality. Uniqueness. The same way one man wears a suit and another wears a hoodie.”

“I don’t understand,” said Fred.

“Because you’re an idiot.”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t you know why you’re in love with me?”

“What?” Fred laughed awkwardly. “I’m not in love with you.”

She walked away.

“Wait! Why would I be, if I was? I mean, why do you think I would be?”

“Because I don’t care about you.”


“That’s the reason you love me, Fred. Because I truly don’t give two shits about you.”

Fred scratched his head, scoffed, then chased after Melanie.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Taste of Tainted Lips


“Oh, Big Steve! Keep bouncin’ that ass Big Steve! Oh- Greg? Is that you? SHIT!”

The pan was already searing hot by the time Greg cracked his first egg and dropped it on. Almost instantaneously, the egg sizzled from translucent to white. Eyes weary, he used a fork to scramble it as he cracked then added a second. He thought back to the afternoon before, and let out a breath.

Darlene entered the kitchen. She caught his eyes and buttoned her lips, then shifted her weight to one side and shook her head.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” said Greg.

Darlene sighed. “Babe if you just let me-”

“I said I don’t wanna fucking talk about it!” Said Greg, zinging the fork into the white plaster wall.

“But babe.” Darlene moved to his side. “We need to discuss it, that’s all.”

Greg returned his attention to the eggs, fuming through his nostrils as he stared bleakly into them.


Picking up the iron pan by the handle, Greg lifted it high overhead before slamming it back down into the stove top. “Dammit Darlene, what do you want from me? What do you want me to say?” His chest heaved up and down for five heavy breaths, but she issued no response. “I mean, c’mon babe! How the fuck is talkin’ about it gonna make things better? Let’s be real here, you and me-”

“What about you and me?”

Greg shook his head. He picked up some of the scrambled egg remnants, turned his back to Darlene then flicked them into the sink. He turned the faucet on and ran his hands underneath the water stream. “We’re fuckin’ over. I mean, shit.” He gulped. “You know it, I know it. I ain’t gonna heal from this sort’a thing.”

“Well you could if you try! It was a mistake, I admit it-”

“I DON’T CARE!” Greg was surprised to find himself on the verge of laughter, even as his heart sank into his stomach. “Baby, put yourself in my shoes for a second. I come home, from a hard days work, lookin’ a grab a cold beer, maybe sit on the couch, watch the game for a little bit.” Flapping his arms up into the air and gazing towards the ceiling, Greg continued. “Lo and behold, I walk in on my girl messin’ around with Big Steve the professional fly-swatter-guy. I mean shit, Darlene! What the fuck kinda job is that, even? FLY SWATTER? You know you could just buy the equipment for about four bucks or something.”

“It was a big fly, babe, and  I already told you, I made a mistake.”

Greg put his hands on his hips and shook his head. “A mistake would’a been kissin’ him. Maybe even sleepin’ with him. But dammit babe, I walk in to see the guy sittin’ on your face in my bedroom, shit! I don’t know whether I should be more mortified, repulsed, angry or just weirded out! I’m out their bustin’ my tail everyday, and for what? To come home and see Big Steve over here gettin’ rim-jobs about two feet from my pillow?”

Darlene sighed, then came closer. “You know that I love you, Greg,”

Greg shrugged. “I mean, not exactly.”

“Aren’t you gonna say it back?”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty sure I don’t feel like sayin’ it back.”

“You’re really going to hold this little tiny mistake against me?”

“Babe,” Greg shook his head, threw a dish-towel down, then started away. “Just think about what’s gonna run through my head every time I gotta kiss you, and there’s your answer.”


– Thomas M. Watt

Sexy Can I


Don’t be fooled by the dress when they dress to impress with skirts riding high and bras pressed to their chests

Find me the dame who dresses the same on Mondays and Fridays and plays her own game

Give me the kind with the soft setting lips that wets me with spit I then kiss to her tits

Show me that girl that on some days wears curls and on others buns up with high reaching high heels

Find me the eyes with the blue dipped in mine that rises and falls like a wave at night’s call

The hips which can bend first back then extend and the moan that I play in my head when with them

I want that girl who stands up and then twirls, takes to my hand and shows me to worlds –

Seldom have seen, few men can go, the place where you whisper I can come to know

Show me those thighs and the way that they rise when they plummet and bounce near my knees as I pounce and rock you too sway from the night to the day

Lend me your teeth and bite on my cheek as I wrap up your hair, twist it and stare from your eye to your ear to the short edge of square on your back when it’s turning inverting and rolling as you ask me to share

In your mouthful of ecstasy, of excite-filled bliss, of divulging your longing of pleasure’s best kiss. Suck on my finger, my hand at your side, be that good girl who in bed forgoes time

Press me your palms flush to my chest, bring near your nipples and I’ll lick to impress. Have at it baby, have at it with me, hold back that expression and savor loud screams

Push to me closer, ride with me harder, hands through my hair as you turn up the volume

Keep going baby, your pleasure is shared, as you reach that loud climax please be fearless to care

I’m turning you over, twisting you out, raising your leg taste your sweat in my mouth

Take in my push, feel this good feed, try not to yell but please feel free to scream

Keep getting closer, keep rolling high, I remember this evening when these sheets were still dry. Ride with my rhythm, your hands locked in mine, spin those eyes backwards with those loud bursting cries

Have at it my dearest, my best bedroom queen, thank you for cumming now get on your knees.

– Thomas M. Watt

Dear Pretty Girl

Dear pretty girl who keeps looking at me,

Please stop. I have a lot of work to do and quite frankly am in no way capable of sustaining any type of relationship now. I have no income and already ended a relationship in order to pursue this idea that I can actually write and publish a book and then turn that into a career as a book-writing person. Of course you are attractive, I’m quite certain every guy who sees you can agree on that. I’m also convinced my asking you out will be more a matter of, ‘Hmm… Okay, well see what happens’ to you, and a matter of great distraction to me. I cannot take these games anymore, I’m pretty sure each being has a certain level of contrasts given them from God, and in mixing this contrasts it dilutes the brightness one infuses into their artwork. Therefore, I need a reader much more than I need a girlfriend.

This raises the other difficulty I’ve had of late – every time I meet a new girl, I tell her I would like to be a writer, and then she says she would like to see what I’ve written, and then I send it, and then she never actually opens it. I understand women mostly enjoy making others feel good, and so I’m actually the one being foolish in thinking they actually want to read my book, when they factually just want to get to know me. The problem is, I don’t care about me nearly as much as they seem to, and I’m quite certain the book is much more entertaining. I’d rather read it then go to dinner any day of the week.

Well cute girl, you’ve succeeded in distracting me. Oh well, I don’t think men would ever get off the couch to do anything if it weren’t for the desire to impress beautiful women.


Thomas M. Watt (That guy who thinks you’re looking at him when you’re actually staring at the one over his shoulder)

Prom Night Scandal

They were all packed in the limo. The music blared and several were trying to dance, hunched over under the low roof. Anthony was sitting next to brown haired Michelle and Olivia. Olivia was his blonde haired date to prom. But Michelle was the girl he had wanted to take. On the other side of Michelle, was Ryan, Michelle’s boyfriend.

“Oh my gosh, do you see this!” Announced Michelle, pointing out the drunk girl dancing with her legs wide open and crotch fully exposed from underneath her skirt.

“Oh yeah, I see it!” Said Ryan, laughing.

Michelle turned away from the scene, covering the side of her face with the flat of her hand. She faced Ryan with a smirk.

“Oh… my… gosh.”

Ryan laughed. “Your friend is ridiculous.”

“THAT’S an understatement.”

They both shared a laugh, until Ryan pulled MIchelle by the wrist, over to his own direction. “Babe, we gotta start dancing.”

“No,” said Michelle, pulling her arm away. “Not a chance in the world.”

She laughed, as did Anthony.

“Well I’m going to anyways,” Said Ryan, before standing up then rubbing his rear into MIchelle’s face, who pushed him away. He went on to the center of the spacious vehicle and started dancing in the center, with the rest of the drunk participants.

“Unreal,” said Michelle, to Anthony.

Just as Anthony was beginning to respond, his blonde date poked her head out from behind him. “Oh my God, you’re boyfriend is so funny!”

“Thanks!” Said Michelle, smiling as she met eyes with Anthony.

“He’s cute too. How did you guys meet?”

Michelle bit her lips at first, then stared down as she scratched her wrist. “Oh, just at a party.”

“Yeah? That’s really cool!”

Michelle nodded, met eyes with Anthony, and they laughed some more.

Anthony pointed to the dancers. “Is he doing the chicken?”

She looked, then busted up hysterically, covering her mouth. “Yes. I believe he is, actually.”

“I love the chicken!” Shouted Olivia, before rising to join the rest of the dancers.

The drive continued on, for some time, and though the music blared and dancers raged, Michelle began to doze, at first with her head back to her seat, before slowly tilting over then snuggling up on Anthony’s shoulder.

He didn’t know how to react, so he tried nudging her at first, but still, she did not move. He swiped the brown hairs out the way of her ear, then whispered. “Michelle. Hey.”

She opened her eyes slowly, and turned to look at him. For a moment she remained in close proximity, before suddenly darting her head away. “Oh… I’m sorry.”

Anthony laughed. “It’s okay, I didn’t mind… I mean, I just figured you probably don’t want to be seen sleeping on my shoulder.”

Michelle turned to look ahead, as did Anthony. Olivia was grinding her buttocks into Ryan’s lap.

“Er, sorry about my date,” said Anthony.

Michelle rubbed her eye, groaned, then looked upwards to Anthony, and spoke longingly. “Why didn’t you ask me to prom?”

“What?” He said, with an awkward chuckle.

She looked down, then rubbed her hands together. “Nevermind.”

Creasing his brow, Anthony felt his own heart beating faster. “You’re with Ryan, I thought.”

“Yeah,” responded Michelle, weakly. She continued rubbing her hands together at a quickening pace, and seemed almost nervous.

“Michelle, I would have loved to go to prom with you. Especially over her,” He laughed and pointed, but Michelle didn’t look. Finally, he grabbed her by the wrist and moved to make eye contact with her.

However, the moment he did, and the second he opened his lips to speak, she pushed herself into him, wrapping a hand around the back of his head as she forced her lips into his.

The entire bus quieted, the dancers stopped, and Anthony found himself hugging MIchelle as she sucked on his lips relentlessly.

Anthony heard the yells of Ryan, the insults of Olivia, and the button-clicking of all who were undoubtedly taking pictures of the monumental high-school hook-up and undoubtedly posting them to facebook. Anthony didn’t really care. His eyes were glued to Michelle’s, and her eyes remained in his.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Boys and the Girls go Out (Part – 2)


The Boys, Jeremy, Alex, and Stuart, were all getting pumped up in one room, downing beers as they got ready for the meet up with the girls at the club. The girls, Melissa, Jane, and Tifney, were also getting prepared, though at a different location.

Melissa was holding a dress against her body, and checking herself in the mirror, while Tifney and Jane were painting their toe nails on the carpet floor.

Melissa sighed, then spoke. “You think the boys will mind this? You think they’ll like a red dress? You think I’ll catch his eye? I bet you that I will.”

Jane laughed loudly. “Melissa you are crazy, how many are you dating, what’s another boy toy, what’s the point of that.”

Snickering, Melissa tossed her brown weave over shoulder. “I sort of just collect them, like blocks to fill my play pen, like objects for affection, to browse through what they’ve brought.”

Jane scoffed. “Girl you are outrageous, you know V.D.’s are contagious, better still be careful, and watch boys but don’t share them.”

Melissa smiled brightly. “Jane what are you thinking? You think that I am sleeping? You know I am not like that, I just like to play mind games. The boys oh how they love me, they all just want to fuck me, but you know they never will.”

Standing, Jane walked to Melissa’s side, then set her hands at her own hips as she shook her head. “Girl you are so funny, the way you call them honey, the type of tricks of loving, to see what you can do. I think it’s somewhat mean though, to make the boys all scream hoe, to tease them ’till they bleed oh, girl you are the best.”

Melissa laughed smugly. “You know that it is true though, the powers that I use oh, I wrap them ’round my finger, then tell them to bring more. It is just too damn easy, for me to act a sleazy, it is just one big fun game, to hear them all say my name. You know they all speak of me, think that I’m so lovely, fantasize themselves above me, want to take me back.”

Jane shook her head, then sat back down. Melissa sat beside the other two girls, then smiled at Tifney as she addressed her. “Tifney so what happened? That night when you were nappin’, and Stuart came a tapping, at your bedroom door?”

Tifney smiled to herself. “Oh you want to know that? Not sure I want to go there. It was a little funny, but Stuart sure is sweet.”

Jane slapped Tifney on the thigh. “Tell us all what happened! Did you really get some action? You know you really should.”

Tifney fought hard to suppress her giggles as she spoke. “Stuart is so sorry, he has an alright body, but I’m afraid he’s kind of whoring, himself for love away. You want to know what happened, I’m afraid he’s mighty candid, he thinks there is a ransom, to get in himself in bed.”

Melissa snickered, covering her mouth as she did. “Please do go on and tell girl, I won’t tell the whole world you, know that my mouth is true to, the things I’ve said to you.”

Tifney smiled sweetly. “Alright so I shall tell you, but I’m afraid it isn’t swell to, here what that man came through, the door to my room in. It was just one green towel, and it truly really fell soon, and sure he did turn red soon, for I laughed at his penis.”

Jane and Melissa blurted out laughing. Tifney went on.

“I can’t believe it either, but that thing was not a see-er, it was more like just a bee or, a tiny dying finger. I feel so bad to say this, Stuart is so helpless, he is just like a selfish, little bubbly girl.”

The girls all laughed some more, and Melissa took their hands as the three stood up.

Tifney spoke as they approached the door. “The funny thing about it, is that when we go out with, these three boys who will announce this, they say what isn’t true. I think Alex is the best one, I’d be proud to call him my hun, he is the cutest boy, I think I’ve ever seen.”

Melissa and Jane both nodded in agreement, and the three girls left.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Boys and the Girls go Out (Part – 1)


The Boys, Jeremy, Alex, and Stuart, were all getting pumped up in one room, downing beers as they got ready for the meet up with the girls at the club. The girls, Melissa, Jane, and Tifney, were also getting prepared, though at a different location.

Stuart was trying to figure out how to tie his tie, holding a beer in one hand, as he spoke with the other fellas, who were on the couch behind him.

“Sorry ’bout tonight boys, goin’ out lookin’ tight boys, gonna have my shit together meet the girls then soon undress one.”

Jeremy blurted out laughing, spitting his beer onto the floor. “Shit you must be kidding, you are so deluded, not one of those girls thinks that, your the fuckin’ cutest. You’re getting out of line Stu, you must be out your mind Stu, you must be fuckin’ blind Stu, to think that one would do you.”

Stuart laughed again, adjusting the length in his tie. “Jeremy you’re a bitch dude, I know they want my dick dude, you think you are so cool dude, but it really isn’t true dude. The way I walk is new dude, I dress better than you dude, you’re a fuckin’ nube dude, to think that they’d want you.”

Jeremy laughed all the harder, turning around to face Stuart. “Are you being real? Is this a fuckin’ joke? Did you really think that any girl would choose you bro? You are not the kind one, you are just the slime one, the ‘kinda a good time’ one, the butt of the punch-line one.”

Stuart turned around, smiling, and made his way over to Alex, who still had yet to say a word. Stuart rubbed his hair. “Alex where you been bra? I forgot that you were here so, go grab another beer dog, we’re drinkin’ till we’re-”

Alex cut him off, slapping his wrist away. “Get the hell off me! You are so freakin’ bossy, I wish you would just stop please, I’d much rather drink coffee.”

Jeremy and Stuart both exploded with outrageous laughter.

Stuart rubbed his head again. “Alex man I love you, but I’d be sorry if I was you, for you are such a little hussy, no wonder you don’t get lucky. They think you are so strange, they say you are deranged, but I always support you, because that’s what good friends do.”

Jeremy snickered. “Stuart what do you think? The ladies want your dick stank? Are you fucking kidding? You are the worst of all us three.”

Alex scoffed, turned away, chugged a beer from start to finish, burped, then returned. “You two are so pathetic, you really just don’t get it, you think you’re in the game but, the girls don’t know your name. The other night with Tifney, when she said she was just sleeping, she was actually with me-he, grinding with that g-string. I could have them all but, I don’t like to call sluts, I just like to have one, when I’m feeling it. I jammed my dick inside her, she moaned and let me ride her, she came and said I hit higher, than any man she’d had before.”

Jeremy stood up, grabbed Alex from the sofa couch, then shoved Stuart away. “Let’s do this,” he said.

Jeremy opened the door, and the other two followed behind.

– Thomas M. Watt

Dylan Can’t Sleep


Dylan sat down in a chair and stared straight ahead. He took a breath, then released. His hands were on his knees, his tongue was in his mouth, and his eyes were peeled wide open. It was four o’clock in the morning.

He thought of Jess. He thought of her often. He wanted to go over to her house. He wanted to have sex with her. He wanted to have sex with her, tell her he loved her, then disappear for another two weeks. But he did not want to do it.

He took another breath. Four-Oh-Three.

“Shit,” he said.

He was on a high. Not a drug induced high, not an unhealthy high, but a normal, euphoric high. At least for him. He didn’t think others got it. They couldn’t. It couldn’t be normal.

It was the reason he kept so disciplined, the reason he carried few friends, the reason he stayed out of other’s lives as much as possible. He was bipolar.

The moment excitement struck, he became a new man – ready to go out and paint the town red. But when disappointment struck, he was nowhere to be seen – curiously, alone in his room at the very same place. Only, when depression set in, his demeanor was much different. When depression set in, it wasn’t difficult to avoid people. In fact, it was nearly impossible to even say hello.

He wasn’t melodramatic, he wasn’t selfish, he was simply troubled. Troubled not by something which was purely a burden, but by something which was also beautiful. Something which was extreme, be it high, be it low. Something which allowed him to experience sights others only dreamt of seeing, and nightmares others had never even begun to view.

How did he know this? It was simple – a look in the eyes. The desire to judge. No person with his condition dared to intentionally disturb another, for the feelings he felt were simply too catastrophic – be it his ego, or his id.

Dylan looked at the clock. Four-ten.

“Shit,” he said, staring down at himself. He looked to the cabinet. The cabinet contained alcohol. Alcohol would not help. Alcohol was not a good idea. Sex would help. Unfortunately, sex involved another human being. Involving another human being meant bringing another from their peaceful existence into his unsettled reality. He didn’t want to do that. He really didn’t.

Four – thirteen.

“Fuck it,” he said. He picked up the phone, found Jess in his contacts, then hit send.

“Hello?” came the sleepy voice.

“Hey,” he said.

“Dylan?” There was a pause. “What do you want? Do you see what time it is?”

Dylan scratched his head. “Yeah… I was just awake. Wondering what you were up to.”

Jess laughed. “Umm, I was sleeping. What are you doing? Why are you calling me?”

Dylan smeared a hand across his face, then raised his eyebrows, then let out a breath. “Do you mind if I come over?”

She chuckled again. “Is something bothering you? It’s not normal to be calling people at four in the morning, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” Dylan stood up, and began pacing around his room. “I just felt like talking to you, is all. I feel like seeing you.”

“Now?! Are you serious?”

“Yeah, why not? Can I come over?”

Jess scoffed. “Fine, I’ll make some coffee. This better be about seeing me and not about anything else.”

Dylan laughed loudly. “C’mon Jess, you serious?”

“Yeah, I am actually.”

He scoffed. “I just want to see you. That alright?”

Jess sighed. “Yeah, might as well. I’m up now, so I’ll get a pot brewing. Come over.”

“Sweet, be over in ten,” he said, excitedly.

“Okay, okay. Just don’t be expecting anything else, okay?”

“Of course,” he said, then hung up the phone.

He walked in circles in his room as he gathered his clothes, with a pip in his step. He reached for the door handle, then, just before he turned it to open, he dropped his head.

“Fuck,” he whispered. He shook his head, then left.

– Thomas M. Watt

Hailey and Jared – Part 3


Jared took Hailey’s hand in his, and cupped his free hand around the bottom of her back. The pair danced together, unsmiling, and lost in one another’s eyes. Jared spoke first.

“I’ve had no fun just yet this night, I’ve searched and searched but haven’t found one right.”

Hailey smiled. “Oh me too! These suitors care, yet still I’ve found my heart can’t bear. To take one in whom I don’t love, I can’t quite quit my dream of doves.”

Jared grinned and laughed. “Dream of doves? Just what’s that mean? Just how massive are your dreams? Have you gone far past this reality, have you removed from this whole planet?”

Hailey chuckled, then moved closer. “We’re not on earth we’re on the moon, for just what reason I have no clue. I think I may just doubt the author, for if this is true love i won’t stop scoffing.”

Jared spun her in a circle, then grabbed her close, her back to his chest. “Do not worry Hailey dear, don’t doubt the author the truth’s not yet here. He has a point yes this I think, he has a reason still on the brink. Just keep dancing open your ears, the reason will be coming here.”

Hailey swiveled around, and danced with her face turned up to Jared’s. “Okay, okay, I guess I’ll wait. I just hope explanation doesn’t come late. As of now I find you handsome, like to feel your hands around some, of my body, but don’t be crude, I did not mean you’d get me nude. What I meant to say was you seem nice, but I still don’t think you’re my dream guy.”

Jared laughed again, and raised his eyebrows. “Oh I’m not? Not hard to come by? I’m not the type who you would want to make cry? Just to feel your heart still twinge, just to know you had my bid?”

Hailey smiled, but turned away. “Oh now Jared doll now please, don’t kid yourself I’m not a thief. Not looking to just steal your heart, not finding ways to up and part.”

Jared pulled her in closer, shocking her to a quiet gasp. “Oh you’re not? Just as you say, so you won’t mind when I turn away.”

As Jared started to leave, Hailey pulled him back, her eyes wide. “Wait don’t go, just don’t leave yet. I like to be close to your chest. Just because I can’t love you, does not quite mean I don’t I do. Just share this dance here for a while, stay with me don’t be a child.”

“Be a child what’s this you say? Why insult me why lead astray? You like me woman now just admit it, you don’t need to so often fidget.”

“Fidget not this not be so! You sure presume a lot to know. Why this trouble, why these kicks? Why do you act like such a dick?”

Jared laughed, and Hailey did too. Jared gripped her hand tighter. “Am I though, just what you say? Am I so bad to cause delay? Hailey girl you are too funny, Hailey girl your words are money.”

“Money Jared? Really though? Must you so often go? Why is it that you so hate, why is it that you relate. More to reality than a tail, why do you ruin a woman’s male?”

Jared turned his head down, so that his forehead pressed against hers. “Hailey I don’t think you get it, no I don’t I think you missed it. The thing is you’ve closed your eyes, bought the long forever lies. Love is not a thing to toss, not emotion with a cost. It is not a made up thing, it is not just what is courting. Love is more then sweet things go, love is moving to and fro.”

Hailey pulled her head back and squinted. “To and fro? Like what, more partners? Is this your plan to sneak off barters? This date is turning so bad quick, and it took ’till now to realize it.”

Jared pulled her in again, so that their noses touched together. “Hailey, Hailey, presumptuous one. I see you’re frightened of my tongue. I see the fear behind those eyes, I feel the tremble in your thighs. I know that you avoid what’s true, I know you like to see doubts through. I know you want to up and walk, I know you pretend those times you scoff. I know you want to so leave me, I know you hate just what love brings.”

“You are a mad man.”

“Am I now? Or have I just lifted your big cloud?”

Hailey gulped, and stopped dancing. “I do not like this, none of these things. I do not like what you’ve said to me. I do not want to hold your hand, I do not think you are my man. I highly hate the way you’re speaking, I truly despise the words you’re bringing. This is not how love unfolds, this is not how good tales go. This is not romance for me, this is not the way I see.”

“Yet you’re clinging to my grip, yet you’re shaking in the lips. Yet you’ve stayed with me for longer, then those guys who you just pondered. You say you hate the touch of me, you say you hate the words I speak. You claim to want to avoid it, you love to hate the lovers kiss.”

Hailey’s breath quickened, and her she forced her lips to tighten. “Jared you are such a fool, I am now sure you’re just a tool. You think too much of you I think, you are just saying some wise things. There is no love from me to you, I know two words I’ll never say to you. They come from a question you’ll ask me, I’m sure I wont say what you think. I must go now for this is true, Jared I do not love you.”

As she began to walk hurriedly away, Jared refused to release her hand, and tugged her back into himself, sweeping her within inches of his lips once more.

“I see right through you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I think I do though.”

“Why can’t I go.”

“I know you’re feeling what I think.”

“Well you’re wrong just as I spoke.”

“I know that you’re the one for me.”

“But you not I so I’m sorry.”

“I know you want to feel it too, I know you run from feelings true.”

“God, bug off, why can’t I leave! Are your ears just filled with trees?”

“My ears do hear just as my heart, but I’m afraid the lessons part.”

“Why do you say this Jared, why? Why must you insist on all these lies?”

“And why must you so doubt me? Why must you kid yourself to flee?”

Hailey pushed Jared away by his chest, then shoved him again. “Do please go just let me be. I do not know what you’ve done to me. I don’t delight in disrespect, I hate the fact that our eyes met.”

“You hate just love and what love do.”

“I don’t hate love I just hate you.”

Jared nodded, then released her hand. “Find then go, off you be. I did not lie for my heart sees. But so you’ve chosen you’re own path, I guess I’m sorry and I won’t trespass.”

Hailey bit her lip, then turned, and walked away. About fifteen paces removed, just as a new suitor was approaching her, Hailey twisted around, then called back to him.


He looked to her. “Yes?”

She gulped, then walked forward, ever so slowly. When she stood before him, she offered her hand for a shake. “Thank you for the dance. It was fun.”

Jared shook her hand. “Of course.”

She started away, then stopped short again. She punched both her fist down at her sides, then turned, and looked at him for a moment, swiping a hair behind her ear as she smiled.

“Yes?” said Jared.

“Are you done? Do you have any more questions?”

He smiled. “Just one, but I know what you are going to say.”

She nodded, began to walk off, before stopping with a loud groan once more. She turned around, walked kindly back to him, then kissed him on the lips. She patted his chest, started away, then came back to him once more, fully taking his lips into hers.

“Just ask it,” she said.

Jared smiled. “Do you love me?”

Hailey smiled. “I do.”

– Thomas M. Watt