Rolling Boulders

The view count is rising following the release of Paramedic Robot episode 1. I can see that it is finding its way into search engines, but I can also see that many people are only watching a few seconds of it before moving on. I can only assume many of them discovered it through a link in one of the shorts I’ve released this week and they assumed it would be less than 60 seconds.

A large part of me wants to stop posting videos and allow the pieces to fall where they may. I kind of just want to stop everything related to Paramedic Robot for a while and create some music instead. Sometimes I think about reliving my glory days and returning to my former career path, despite knowing those days are long behind me.

There a passage in scripture that advises one to never look back to the path left behind. It is meant to apply to sinful behavior, and the excitement that may have come with it. I think it also applies to your current venture.

Whether you are stringing together a plot, rhyming a verse, or building a machine, it is always tempting to quit midway due to unforseen circumstances. I saw a recent clip from Joe Rogan where he speaks about persistence and the importance of tenacity. His words always strike me because I remember when he began his show on youtube. He used to get about a hundred views an episode and I felt bad because I remembered him from Fear Factor. At the time, youtube was no place for celebrities – that was for amateurs and people who couldn’t cut it in Hollywood. Now look at him today – any A-lister would be lucky to be featured on his podcast.

I feel certain that the greatest joy in a man’s life is the pursuit of a dream. Whatever goal your after, the joy comes from the journey – not the treasure. When you reach your goal the former obstacles you faced will add to the legend of your eventual triumph.

To put it another, if you pursue a worthy path you will come across roadblocks along the way. It’s imperative you remain creative in spite of these boulders, because what you can’t pick up you can roll, climb, or even blow up.

I hope you greet your obstacles with a smile and step forward even when you’re unsure about the ground ahead.

It Never Ends

I uploaded my 11th animated short today. I’ve been trying to find ways to complete them fast, identifying the bottleneck during each step in the process. Doing all the work myself from start to finish is a time consuming task no matter how I approach it. The short I uploaded today has only amassed 17 views, which is abysmal considering I was getting over 1000 within 30 minutes a few weeks ago.

The short cartoon I published prior to today had a conservative slant. It was eye-opening to see how the likes were stripped from youtube and tik tok. Youtube I’ll give the benefit of the doubt – they habitually identify inauthentic likes and strip them from videos. For example, if you like a video but watch less than a minute of it, that like will not count. But on tik tok I have more views on my “divided opinions on supermarket attack” than any other short. I have proof that it received 16 likes, but I woke up one morning and the count was reset to 1. I mention all this because I am curious if my views are being throttled since this is the first short I’ve uploaded in a while that hasn’t climbed the ladder at any point. I am sure I am being paranoid, since my online presence in minimal, but I am concerned nonetheless.

I would like to begin posting here regularly as I love this “social media” website more than any other. It is the only one that is therapeutic. Trust me, when I am not here I working on the next animation release. Hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to returning soon.

another day another release

I’ve had some limited success with my youtube shorts so far, but the results have been encouraging. Most videos published receive about 25 – 50 views, but the last 3 shorts I’ve published have each amassed over 1.5 thousand on on day one.

This my marketing strategy to build an audience prior to the release of 30 minute episode one. I’m enthused that it appears to be working. Of course the only comments I’ve received are negative, but I am indifferent about it. Any person who takes time out of their day to criticize an unknown artist is not someone worth trying to impress.

I’ve decided while creating the shorts to design 2 videos simultaneously- one wide-screen version that’s runs 2-3 minutes and a short vertical video lasting 59 seconds or less.

I feel publishing both videos allows me to see when youtube will start recommending the longer videos, for that is the time episode 1 will be ripe to publish.

It has been fun creating the shorts because I finally have a way to attract an audience through the medium of story. That can be difficult whether you are writing books, screenplays, or directing a film. The cool part about animation is you are not limited by actors or locations. To put it another way, if I try to build an audience for a live action film, I have to put out the same amount of content but am limited with the material I have to work with. I don’t have any desire to build a “how to film” channel, because then my audience will be peers and film enthusiasts. I want to attract consumers of entertainment, so I must put out entertainment in order to reach them.

I am getting more efficient at the entire process and establishing a routine to put together new videos. By limiting myself to creating only assets that will be used in the short I am able to move faster.

Im excited to educate myself further on all things SEO. Though the youtube shorts are growing, my presence is non-existent on platforms such as tik tok, rumble,and instagram. I am certain each platform has a different code for the type of videos they recommend.

I look forward to future developments am grateful to whomever enjoys the journey with me.

When A Week of Work gets Flushed Away

I spent the entire week designing a puppet for a specific short idea I had. He was designed in 4 views with 8 different head movements. I had everything set up to go into the programming phase. And then, the file encountered an error, and I was unable to open any of it.

Obviously I felt utterly defeated. It was a waste of time and effort, and no amount of research could fix this (I checked the temp files, trust me).

Things like this happen time to time. I’ve allowed it to spiral my mood to devastating lows in the past. To put it bluntly, why not just give up when your work winds up worthless anyway.

Ive come to conclude that events like this occur for a reason, and it is wise to use them for a moment of introspection. I came to realize with this event that despite the hours I had already poured in, I has only just begun.

programming the puppets would take a full day. Recording their movements would be another half day. Then there is the design of the home that the character interacts with – 2 days. And finally there was a need to record 3 other puppet behaviors.

I feel strongly that I must make an attempt to move more efficiently than my competition. I believe it will define my success – or my failure. If I take too long to release new material I will never get off the starting line.

I spent the day creating a 5 minute short from beginning to end. It’s a little odd but I find it funny for some reason. Anyways I posted it above.

Hope your week has been well and you continue to trudge onward.

Well I finally did something right

So I spent my day yesterday creating a new short. The only difference being that this time I researched key words and took the time to title my video specifically to increase the exposure. To be honest I was hoping for maybe 10-15 more views than normal. I’ve been averaging about 40-60 views a on my last 4 shorts. Well I just posted this one less than 30 minutes ago and it’s already over 1.2 thousand views and more likes than I’ve ever gotten before. Needless to say I’m excited for a change. I’m still rendering out the widescreen version, which in my opinion is better, and hope to post it here for you soon.

I hope you have a great day and always remember the best is yet to come – especially if you think it’s decades behind you.