For the love of good Brandy – Part 2

(part 1)


“Tom, wait!”

Tom lowered his meat cleaver at Brandy’s approach. He had been fighting with Mike, who had come to his home in an effort to win back the gorgeous blonde woman.

“Don’t hurt him!”

Tom looked at Mike, who was still holding his switch blade and breathing intensely. He wanted to kill the man for coming to his property and trying to take back the woman whose heart he had crushed; the woman who Tom had given his heart and soul to piece back together. Tom turned around and called out to Brandy.

“He’s not going leave without you, doll. He’s come for a fight, so that’s what he’s gonna-“

Tom stopped his sentence short when he felt a sharp pain in his gut. His mouth came open and he struggled for air. He slowly looked to see Mike’s smiling, twisted lips tugging up his long rolling beard.

“That’s my doll, not yours,” said Mike.

Brandy screamed. “You monster!”

Mike ripped the knife out of Tom’s stomach, leaving the handsome man to crumble to his knees. Brandy turned around and stormed back inside, locking the door behind.

Mike looked down at Tom as blood puddled on the ground around him.

“Suck it cunt,” said Mike.

He spat on Tom then stepped on his side as he walked over him. He licked the blood off the switchblade with his tongue, then smeared the sweat from his beard with his sleeve. He proceeded towards the front door. Brandy was his, and he was going to make it known.

* * *

Brandy sat on a stool inside. She needed to hide, and she knew it. Mike was coming, and he was going to be violent.

But she couldn’t think clearly. Tom, the love of her life, had just been stabbed in the gut. He was dying, and there was nothing she could do about it. The best she could do was call the police.

Brandy got up and raced over to the phone. She dialed 9-1-1 and waited for the operator.


“Operator! Oh my God, thank God!”

“Mamn, what’s wrong?”

“My husband!” Brandy got too choked up to go on.

“Mamn? Is there a problem with your husband? Did he do something to hurt you?”

“No, no, I just,” she lost her words again. Tom was outside bleeding to death. She needed to be there for him. She needed to tend to his wound.

“MAMN! Is this a prank call?”


“What did your husband do to you, mamn? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, no!” Brandy paused, took a deep breath, then gathered her words. She opened her mouth then tried to explain what happened as calmly as she could. “He just got-“

Before she could get in another word, the line cut out.

“Hello? Operator!”

Nothing but the humming tone of a dead line was left to comfort her. Brandy covered her mouth and her eyes went wide.


The window from the back door exploded to fragment. Mike punched out the pieces that remained. He stepped into the living room then flipped out his switchblade.

“Excited to see me?”

Brandy’s bottom lip shook as she spoke. “What do you want?”

“To get another taste.”

“I’d rather die.”

Mike laughed, then started walking slowly towards her. “That’s fine with me.”


– Thomas M. Watt

– Author of A New Kingdom

The Worst Kind of Marriage – Part 7 – Grand Finale!!


Bethany and Amanda were stuck at the front door after slashing Huerto’s throat. It was locked from the inside. Huerto had the key upstairs. At least his bloody body did.

“We have to get the key,” said Amanda. “It’s our only way out.”

Bethany nodded, then gulped. She clutched her stomach wound, and the two girls ran up the stairs. As they approached the room they could hear the moaning and groaning. Huerto wasn’t fully dead.

Bethany took a breath then creaked the door open. He was sprawled out across the floor. Blood was oozing out of his neck and he held his rifle in one hand. He was facing away from them.

Attached to his belt loop was the ring of keys. Bethany slowly approached.

As soon as she reached Huerto he grumbled and turned to face her. His eyes were glossy and wet. 

Bethany kept her focus on the key ring. She struggled to sift it out from his belt loop. She had it halfway off when Huerto called out to her.

“Honey,” he said.

She looked at him. 

“What are you… doing?”

Bethany bit her lip. The gun barrel was pressed against her head. 

Huerto smiled. “You disobeyed me.”

Bethany tried to snatch the gun away, but he moved it out from her reach. He aimed it again.

“No, I don’t… don’t think so.” Huerto smacked his lips. “You.. you die now.”

There was no way to escape. After four months of living in hell, after doing everything in her power to survive, this was it. The final straw. There was nothing more she could do. She needed help from above.

Huerto shifted and loaded the rifle, chuckled weakly, then caught a knife with his forehead, which stapled his head to the floorboard. 

Bethany looked up, staring blankly. “I thought you were a bible girl?”

Amanda nodded and pointed a thumb at herself. “Thus says the Lord, vengeance is mine.”

Bethany took the key ring, stood up, then sprinted down the stairs. They reached the front door, unlocked it, then ran straight outside and found safety.

Hours later the police arrived and held a press conference. Amanda and Bethany were both given awards of honor. They accepted graciously, and spent the rest of their lives teaching women’s self defense. Needless to say, perverts everywhere lived in fright. 


– Thomas M. Watt


The Worst Kind of Marriage – Part 1


Bethany looked down at the knife in her stomach. She bit her lip, breathed heavily, then heaved it out. She muffled her cry as best she could, then got out of bed.

Her nightie was drenched in blood. Her steps came slow and carefully. She entered the kitchen and stood at a hunch over the counter-top. She coughed up blood into the sink.

“How are you this morning?” Said her husband, eating toast at the kitchen table.

She looked at him, then returned to the sink and spat blood again.

He laughed. “Well, I feel better. Sorry about our little tiff earlier.”

She started to cry.

“I guess I got a bit carried away. All that talk about seeing other people,” he said, pausing to crunch the toast in his mouth. “It kinda just makes me jealous.”

She swallowed, and stared at the window. It was still boarded on the inside, and hidden behind blinds to the outside.

“I need… treatment,” Bethany finally managed.

Her husband walked over to her. He stood behind and wrapped his arms around her, then licked his tongue into her ear. “Treatment’s right here, baby.”

“No,” she said. She tried to push his arms away, but she lacked the strength. “I need… hospital.”

He stepped back. “I thought we were done discussing this? I thought you agreed it was best not to see other people?”

She sobbed and sniffed. “It is… it is. I just… Just for a little. Just so I don’t die.”

He laughed again. “C’mon, honey! You know I can’t trust you with that! What’s gonna happen when they start asking questions?”

Bethany’s lip trembled. She glanced down at her wound. Still bleeding profusely. She needed to break free. Or else she would die.


Part 2, Coming Soon!

– Thomas M. Watt