king of kings

When you’re having trouble and all is blue,

When clear blue skies are filled with gloom,

When all your hope has turned to doubt,

When all your paths are all worn out,

That’s when you turn to God and say,

I need you to erase all of this grey.

I need your Spirit to succeed,

I need your son to come save me.

Then serve Him and you will see,

The King of Kings saves those in need.

So much so that you will know,

God exalts those He chose.

– Thomas M. Watt

Running Blind


For months and months been on the run,

Had myself a bit of fun.

Tore down all my truths of old,

Replaced them with some sins so bold.

In the flesh I did reside,

The more you sin the more you die.

It eases e-motional pain,

Sin enough you’ll feel no shame.

But go on you’ll find some trouble,

And when then comes your pride will double.

So sure I was of Christ’s untruth,

I laughed at Christians on youtube.

Dumb it seemed that some believed,

One man could replace our primal needs.

Sacrifice, deny yourself, worry not, you won’t see Hell.

Hahaha, haha, hehe, the things he speaks of I won’t take heed.

For I was sure that I knew better, that heavenly things were not too clever.

Dumb it was to live this life thinking one day you’ll see the light.

What light, what proof, what evidence? Where is this God that some still seek?

Nowhere, nowhere, He goes unseen, but this God of light lets blind men see.

For you see I came to truth – that evil exists, and me it used.

Day by day I could not rest, could not stop sin, did not repent.

But when I prayed my heart did open, God returned, covenant He honored.

Showed me to the days of old, when we were close and I wasn’t so cold.

Amazing how when there’s no evil, you find your own evil has doubled.

But after mocking God is through, and your world has fallen through,

And you’re sure you have no chance, that you have tripped on your last dance,

And of good feelings there’s none left, no way this life holds hope; you’re doomed.

That’s when I think it’s time to pray, and if you listen, you’ll know why I say –

That God who lives up high above, that God who you so boldly told –

That with all your heart you don’t believe, who you once deemed a mental disease,

That same God you went against, He will still be there when you’re on the fence,

And it won’t be long before you see, that God so loves you, He’s all you need.

– Thomas M. Watt

Angry Soul


Angry bitter misfit meat,

Raging loner somber geek.

Crying loser feeling shame,

No-good doer knows his pain.

Out of type of both the classes,

Not a friend who asks what happened.

Lift your chin up little one, don’t turn your eyes down from their shun.

I know it hurts to be like you, I know it sucks to feel bad too.

Maybe there’s no one who’s true, maybe really the problem’s you.

Listen child ears on me, I promise you I won’t deceive.

When all hope’s lost and life is Hell, when all your thoughts just sound like yells,

Slow down child, slow a step, don’t try so hard to circumvent.

Take a breath and be at ease, give to God your problems please.

Confess to God your faith does break, and to speak with him makes your heart quake.

Don’t have to tuck your shirt to pants, don’t need to act like your advanced.

These days His name is divided, between believers and good liars.

The reason I push these words on you, is because God’s son was hated too.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of Dan Watt, freelance astronomer. Visit his website @ for more amazing photos)



Give me this and give me that and then give to me you too.

I need more money no more food no more sex, I do.

I cannot sleep I cannot work I have no energy.

I feel like death and in decay I’m tired but can’t sleep.

The thoughts whirl wild all are bad want to bring you down.

This is a man who has been tricked into taking what he’s found.

Find another person’s view – the one who always gives.

Find another who goes on to feed all those who are in need.

Take a stance to listen more to give and to defend,

Be the one who laughs the most and calls humble folks his friends.

Watch what happens when you set out to do what just was said.

Observe the way your life transforms when you live to serve instead.

What is this? No it cannot be oh no it just cannot,

What can be said when we’re misled into thinking what we’ve got,

Is better ours and better kept and better with us too.

And yet the truth that we all know the truth that you can see,

Is the one true key to happiness is that  giving fills all your needs.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting by Ayse Juaneda, the greatest artist in the world today. Visit her blog to view more of her paintings at

An Overlooked Passage

There is a passage in the bible where Jesus feeds five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

The food appears to be the same before and after it is raised up to God. There are no additional loaves of bread, and nothing magical happens. So how can we understand this?

The bread is ordinary bread. A person is an ordinary person. We have problems, fears, worries and doubts. We have faced terrible events in our lives that still bother us today.

When you are far from God, in your natural state, all these problems weigh you down. They all seem to be purposeless, random events and make you into a limited being. For instance, because of what happened to you in your past, the future is now bleak.

When you give yourself to God completely, he takes all you have and makes use of it. Your prior struggles help others to Him, your defects suddenly have a purpose. He takes every piece of you and uses it to feed his cause, to feed others. You become the bread that is enough to fill others with the Spirit of God and you will never run thin doing it.

What you have is already enough to serve God’s purpose. He does not need you to become perfect before He can work through you. That is the point – what is given to God will be used by God. It is not your job to create a new self, it is your job to give your being to him. And even then, you will on the outset appear the same, your being will remain the same, but the Spirit will guide you through your work.

It is each man’s choice to keep himself or to give himself to God.

– Thomas M. Watt

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

If you study the Christian religion from a logical standpoint, you will realize it is based entirely upon renouncing the present world in favor of the Kingdom of God. This is the reason the Christian man so often struggles – the moment he sets out to do Christian work without the Spirit of God, he is taking part in the worldly realm and doing nothing to help himself. To put it simply, there are two powers – One is power of self, the other is power of God.

This is the reason Christ abstained from money and all worldly things. It was in order to further his dependence on God.

How then can the struggling Christian access this power of God? All that is of God is received through faith, so he must slow himself down and set his heart on God. Not on the problem at hand and how he(self) can fix it, but on the belief that God will provide for him. How and why are unimportant, that is God’s decision to make. In the life of self, it is your job to act. In the life of God, it is God’s job to act, and your job remain in Him.

– Thomas M. Watt

Man of God

The man walked on. He has cuts all along his face, bruises on his chest, and open wounds on both arms. He walked at a slow pace, mostly staring down. He swallowed, but had no saliva, for he was beyond dehydration.

There were lines of people on both sides of him. All of them smiling. All of them watching. All of them joyous.

The man stumbled then fell. The moment he did, he was greeted by a lash to his back from the guard behind. He struggled, but picked himself back up.

They hated him. They all hated him. They wanted to see him die for no other reason then to prove to themselves he was wrong. They wanted him to lie and renounce all that he had spoken to them. But he wouldn’t. It was for this reason that he had come – to show them there was a better way than they knew existed. It was for this reason they were killing him. But they didn’t even know it.

As the man continued on, the crowd grew all the more festive. He looked ahead and saw the place of the skulls, where he was to die. He swallowed again, but his throat was still too dry.

It was for them he was being killed. It was for the ones who were mocking him and spitting on him. He had taught them many things, all of which were good, and it was for these teachings he was being killed. Not because they were wrong, or even untrue, but because the world could not accept them, for he had shown them a better way than what they could accept to exist. He had shown them a way that defied all human logic. He had revealed to them the meaning of all things, the fabric of all lies, and the strength of all truths. And now he was to die, because they refused to open their eyes and see. They refused to accept that there was a greater way, all because they preferred the comfort of the lie. But they didn’t even know it.

– Thomas M. Watt