Intelligence Vs. Faith


One of the great questions every person faces during their lifetime is whether to place their faith in God or scientific reason. The debate has gone on for centuries.  An issue that I find particularly captivating is, at what point do you reconsider your own religious views due to the testimony of another?

For example, I’m certain every atheist has heard a man of unshakable faith recount stories of spiritual blessings and unexplainable phenomena that suggest “help from above.”

Likewise, any person who lives for God must at some point face the fact that many of the most accomplished and brilliant people of this world have achieved great success without so much of giving God a head nod.

This is a major conflict my hero must face in “A New Kingdom.” The alien invaders conquer mankind in one night, and after enslaving humanity with tremendous ease, he is left to wonder what kind of God would allow his children to be defeated by a Godless race.

Would you be willing to change your views on faith if a more intelligent race of non-believers were to conquer the human (and historically God-fearing) race with ease?

– Thomas M. Watt

Bye Girl


Words rain heavy on my face,

Brings with them a weighted pain.

Hear them ringing in my ears,

See them playing to my fears.

Thoughts of humans are so crude,

Tired of seeming oh-so-rude,

Sick of such prolonged frustration,

Hurting from such alienation.

Chirping Flirting Smiling Scoff,

Please just leave if you have a cost.

Cannot pay the bill you’ve laid,

Cannot afford to fall from space.

Got no money for a vice,

Got no patience for false nice.

Seems to just get out of hear,

Need to find another gear.

Need to know it’s not just me,

Who tosses, turns, loses sleep.

How much longer can this thought go,

How many minds can one dream glow.

How much time is left for here,

And will it end with minds this clear.

Must I lose a piece of me,

To gain a slice of humanity?

Do not want to trouble you,

Just want to say my minds on cue.

Liked the way you smiled and laughed,

But care so little about your act.

Do not wish to impress you,

With lies of bold and words that use.

Would much prefer to see you smile,

Laugh it off and stay a while.

Sorry if I’m seeming rude,

But I wanted you, and not some prude.

– Thomas M. Watt