Best Quotes – #1

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This is the third and final installment for my 3 quote challenge. Feel free to check out #3 and #2 if you missed them.

Today’s nominee: Zanthee

Today’s quote:

“Whatever we focus on tends to expand.”

– Author unknown.

Despite my inability to source whoever said this first, this quote has proven true for me time and time again. During bouts of self-pity, when my mind is occupied with all the wrongs done to me, things I’m lacking, or the difficulties of my present circumstances, life seems to get worse. And fast.

Yet, when I spend time thanking God for all the blessings I have in my life, I find I am repeatedly showered with more. To a remarkable extent.

Too many people in this world pride themselves on playing devil’s advocate and searching for reasons to doubt, or arguments that state something cannot be done. I can’t even count the number of times throughout my life I’ve accomplished something that at one point in time seemed damn-near impossible. And whenever I do, I find the skeptics have already dropped their previous assertions, and are eagerly packing new worries to hurl. For me, true faith is realized once it is  properly distinguished from common misinterpretations. Amazing accomplishments don’t occur merely because you believe that they will. Amazing accomplishments occur because you focus on what you must do to allow them to occur.

Thanks again to Jacqueline for nominating me for this award.

Hello Good Morning


Hello, good morning, good day to you.

No more frowns or thoughts of doom.

Let’s be happy just this once,

Let’s have a laugh and then a bunch.

No need to be so over-dramatic,

No need to live by overreacting.

It’s not the time to up and quit,

When will you realize it’s pursuit that wins?

Lovely laughing laughing lots.

Smile widely there is no cost.

No need to fret or disagree,

Just take my hand and laugh with me.

– Thomas M. Watt

White-shirted man


White-shirted man is on his way,

Seeking sunlight by the bay.

White-shirted man just wants peace,

Wants to feel the sickness leave.

No more commerce, no more drone,

No more pain within his coat.

Wants to quit, wants to leave, but money quenches more than greed.

Why this work this stupid job, why this wife who flirts with Bob.

Working hard to bust his ass, still brown-noses win by laughs.

Double Decker yellow bus reminds him of the days once tough.

Trying to just get ahead, dreaming of an income stead.

And yet it doesn’t work that way, make the money, or don’t stay.

Increase the income and you’re stone, stay the same and friends will go.

Never can enjoy much sun, when the money always says to run.

– Thomas M. Watt

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