Thoughts and Speculation

Today marks the first day I begin making true progress toward episode 5. Today I will begin the script.

After more online searching last week, I’ve discovered a website called “Peerspace.” It is like the Uber of filming locations – normal citizens offer their allotted space for filming and photography. The average rate, from what I’ve seen, is about $100+ an hour. I’ve come across a couple locations available for $35/hour, and some more for $50/hour. Beyond peerspace, I have opened up conversations with friends about using their garage or personal space, and they have been open to the idea.

I am leaning toward using peerspace to find my location. They have a few available spaces near me, however they are much too expensive. They many in Los Angeles, and I am willing to make the roadtrip. I have not yet looked into using AirBnb, but will check that out today. The reason I am in favor of peerspace is because these individuals have a track record of renting out their space for film and will be reliable. If I have a good experience I will feel more comfortable using this service in the future and may finally begin to produce short films more frequently.

As far as writing the script goes, I am certain I would like to aim for a runtime of 15-20 minutes and include an A,B, and C plot. I feel that variety is required to engage any viewers and allows for a better build up of tension.

The main part of the writing process that I would like to approach differently is the plot. I typically begin with a few images of what I would like to see and write toward those moments. From there I implement various plot devices to build up the conflict and put the main characters actions under escalating pressure.

My major issue with the story of Episode 4 is that it felt a little flat for me emotionally. The entire story has a consistent tone and I feel the individual scenes could have used more twists, turns, and suspense. So how do I combat this?

I feel the first draft is imperative toward laying the blueprint for a fulfilling arc. That is because the first draft of any story is the only time the writer is experiencing their story as a viewer rather than an editor. You write the events as you see them unfold.

I would like to place the bulk of the episode within 1 interior location during 1 specific event. The B and C plots will be born out of this central story and exists to raise the stakes and tie into the ending. My goal with the main plot will be to convince the viewer they are seeing one thing only to discover they have been fooled, just as the protagonist, at the “big reveal.” This will be a challenge because the story they think they are seeing will still have to be entertaining to keep them watching. The big reveal has to show a story that is not only more intriguing, but a complete surprise – even when the viewer is suspicious, they must still be looking in the wrong direction.

On top of that I need to provide a reason for the main character, Ryan, to be instrumental to the cult he has been chasing after. If his existence is no more important to them than any other curious individual than the story lacks the glue that binds a hero to his enemies. The cult must be just as obsessed with stopping him as he is with understanding them. Think about Jason Bourne – Jason is trying to find the agency and understand why they are after him. But if he discovers the information that he is after then he has the ability to expose the shadow agency and destroy them. The major difference with my story is I will also require a motivation for the cult to keep him alive and possibly even to convert him. I am leaning toward information as being the key reason – possibly information that Ryan has that he does not even know. It needs to be more spicy than this, however – it needs to be BIG.

Anyways, this is my one day of the week to really set things in motion and get the ball rolling. I have written on here before about how I started a film network in my local area through Meetup. The group has hardly done anything due to the Coronavirus, but I have been offered to lead another filmmaking group nearby due to the former leader chose not to continue running it. I might take this on because it gives me access to 150+ aspiring filmmakers. I may not, however, as I have hardly done anything with the group I already have.

May the day find you well, and may you mold the next 24 hours to serve you and your goals, rather than allowing the next 24 hours to mold your goals and you.