Pangs of Selflessness

Thoughts of anger resentment and greed,

Knowledge of loss and defeat and need.

Awareness of difficulty and thoughts unseen,

Realization of reality and dreams still dreamed.

Eyes are opened hope is lost pain too much to laugh and scoff.

Not one listens not one loves not one says things just as one does.

It was this no it was that no it was thinking by left brain and wearing this cap.

This life is blind the whole of mine has been spent seeking what is divine.

You know what’s funny? Where the problem resides? It’s in the heart where the spirits meet time.

Can’t understand why we are all still taught the only problem with sin is when you get caught,

Also can’t see why Christians today spend all their time smiling to say I follow the way.

When the way of God and the prophets of old was too be hated and denied and constantly told,

That they were all evil that they disobeyed that they were the men who lived in decay.

If Jesus Christ is the way life and truth then why is it that we think we must prove,

We are all good Christians by dressing so nice, saying ‘Yes please’ and ‘Could you please pass the knife?’

Is anyone left with crosses to bear that are more than good language and playing games fair?

For instance there’s one thing yes one thing I know and that is that God’s way the humans don’t know,

For God works in secret and not much with flair and when he speaks through you very few hear

The words that He says and for good reason too because God work is to do what’s no benefit to you.

– Thomas M. Watt

On Understanding God

This post is about how one should seek God, if they actually wanted to understand Him.

The beginning of understanding, whether you believe in God or do not believe in God, is to view Him as a separate being from man. Not to say He would not be involved with us, but simply to theorize God as a real being, just as humans are real beings.

Now we take it a step further. If God’s quest for man is to take man back to where he resides, how would this theoretical God do such a thing? By bringing man, a being of the natural, to the way of the divine.

I think it can be said that man is most likely to turn to God in times of struggle, and most likely to turn away from God in times of worldly success. Therefore, it would be an error to assume the bad things that happen to us on earth are a result of God not caring about us, and very much can be seen as the opposite – God giving us a chance to come to him.

Is this to say all blessings would then be curses? No. This is to say God’s ultimate goal for those whom he calls is to build a reliance on His way, rather than man’s own. Again, in seeing God as a real being, it no longer becomes about specifics as far as ‘do this and get that’, but about building a reliance on Him as a whole. It then becomes leaving the way of the world, man’s natural state, to the way of the divine, which can be said to be a way alien to the way of humanity. Again, even in theory of seeing God as a real being, we can come to the conclusion that man in no way represents God’s own values, for they are two separate beings.

The goal of the natural man is power for himself. To achieve and take what he can. To protect himself, to flourish. This is not the way of love, but the way of survival, which is only sensible if one was to say they did not believe in God. If you do not believe in help from above, it is then your duty to help yourself.

The way of God, then, becomes reliance on God, on a different being. God seen as love becomes the opposite way – Providing for others. Doing good to others over yourself. Seeing misfortune and ‘curses’ as opportunities to rely further on God. Seeing worldly glory as a way to announce what God has done good for you, for you did not seek it for yourself, but another sought it for you.

I hope this clarifies things in a very real way. The point is very simple – Even in theory without believing, it is an error to form a judgment of God by man’s own values. The beginning to understanding the ways of God is to see him as a real being rather than an ideal humanity has power over.

– Thomas M. Watt