Good Night to Troubles

Good night to you it’s time to sleep,

Let it go the night is weak,

And in tomorrow morning’s wake,

Consult your troubles and let them take,

You around just for a spin,

For from searching answers will brim.

Let it rest your weary head,

Take some sleep and let dread bed.

Do not worry any longer, do not cry to trouble’s squander.

Let it go just lay to rest, let the breaths all soothe your chest.

All past troubles are behind us, for the future let these remind us.

That in all of struggle’s plight, we seek what’s good and do what’s right.

Do not fear the mess you have gotten, do not stray from good paths trodden.

Let no fight be in dismay, fear no evil it’s soul’s decay.

Believe in God and you shall see,

Trouble’s die when you live with He.

– Thomas M. Watt

Time to lay to Rest

Time to go to bed,

Time to hit the head.

Time to slow the thoughts,

Time to drown the loss.

Time to ignore what’s known,

Time to silence and dream,

Time to enter realms unknown and all spirits unseen.

Time will make it better, time it always will.

Time will clean up unclean thoughts and what they do to you.

Time will make today erased and tomorrow shine,

Time will make the past decay and bring about more time.

Time not lost and yet unknown,

Time is ripe to see.

Time to mettle in your thoughts and think them in your sleep.

Time to rest your eyes to close, time to dwell in soul.

Time to hear the God that’s there and speaks what’s too unfold.

Time to worry dearly, time to heart it best,

Time to listen to me, it’s time to lay to rest.

– Thomas M. Watt