king of kings

When you’re having trouble and all is blue,

When clear blue skies are filled with gloom,

When all your hope has turned to doubt,

When all your paths are all worn out,

That’s when you turn to God and say,

I need you to erase all of this grey.

I need your Spirit to succeed,

I need your son to come save me.

Then serve Him and you will see,

The King of Kings saves those in need.

So much so that you will know,

God exalts those He chose.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Crowds


Weary achy tired mood.

Lips of others sound no good.

All this speaking of bull-shit, too much saying your thoughts I quit.

What ever happened to that one kid who said what he said and did what he did?

Where are the people who used to laugh loud because something was funny and they just messed around.

What’s wrong McWatty? Why don’t you laugh? Don’t you know cheese goes to mightiest rats?

I’ll tell you right now because I don’t jive with that. I care little for respecting big bears with big hats. I care nothing for circles who speak this and that. I like to talk about real thoughts and speak. I like to listen and help fill some needs. I like to build to grow and to share. For some tearing down I do not ever dare. 

Hello big crowd I see you’re all laughing. Sorry to say I find mighty rats nasty. As far as the bear with big hats and the claws, as far as the way social groups talk – Not down with it. Not up with it either. I’ve been on the bottom and I’ve met something deeper. You know who He is so I don’t have to say it, but one more last thing I save my laugh for later.  

– Thomas M. Watt

Angry Soul


Angry bitter misfit meat,

Raging loner somber geek.

Crying loser feeling shame,

No-good doer knows his pain.

Out of type of both the classes,

Not a friend who asks what happened.

Lift your chin up little one, don’t turn your eyes down from their shun.

I know it hurts to be like you, I know it sucks to feel bad too.

Maybe there’s no one who’s true, maybe really the problem’s you.

Listen child ears on me, I promise you I won’t deceive.

When all hope’s lost and life is Hell, when all your thoughts just sound like yells,

Slow down child, slow a step, don’t try so hard to circumvent.

Take a breath and be at ease, give to God your problems please.

Confess to God your faith does break, and to speak with him makes your heart quake.

Don’t have to tuck your shirt to pants, don’t need to act like your advanced.

These days His name is divided, between believers and good liars.

The reason I push these words on you, is because God’s son was hated too.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of Dan Watt, freelance astronomer. Visit his website @ for more amazing photos)

On Understanding God

This post is about how one should seek God, if they actually wanted to understand Him.

The beginning of understanding, whether you believe in God or do not believe in God, is to view Him as a separate being from man. Not to say He would not be involved with us, but simply to theorize God as a real being, just as humans are real beings.

Now we take it a step further. If God’s quest for man is to take man back to where he resides, how would this theoretical God do such a thing? By bringing man, a being of the natural, to the way of the divine.

I think it can be said that man is most likely to turn to God in times of struggle, and most likely to turn away from God in times of worldly success. Therefore, it would be an error to assume the bad things that happen to us on earth are a result of God not caring about us, and very much can be seen as the opposite – God giving us a chance to come to him.

Is this to say all blessings would then be curses? No. This is to say God’s ultimate goal for those whom he calls is to build a reliance on His way, rather than man’s own. Again, in seeing God as a real being, it no longer becomes about specifics as far as ‘do this and get that’, but about building a reliance on Him as a whole. It then becomes leaving the way of the world, man’s natural state, to the way of the divine, which can be said to be a way alien to the way of humanity. Again, even in theory of seeing God as a real being, we can come to the conclusion that man in no way represents God’s own values, for they are two separate beings.

The goal of the natural man is power for himself. To achieve and take what he can. To protect himself, to flourish. This is not the way of love, but the way of survival, which is only sensible if one was to say they did not believe in God. If you do not believe in help from above, it is then your duty to help yourself.

The way of God, then, becomes reliance on God, on a different being. God seen as love becomes the opposite way – Providing for others. Doing good to others over yourself. Seeing misfortune and ‘curses’ as opportunities to rely further on God. Seeing worldly glory as a way to announce what God has done good for you, for you did not seek it for yourself, but another sought it for you.

I hope this clarifies things in a very real way. The point is very simple – Even in theory without believing, it is an error to form a judgment of God by man’s own values. The beginning to understanding the ways of God is to see him as a real being rather than an ideal humanity has power over.

– Thomas M. Watt