Sea of Misdirection


Have you ever woken up and known exactly what time it was, down to the minute? It’s an amazing mechanism, our internal clock. It’s a gift we have that we don’t appreciate and don’t give much thought to. If this intrinsic device is monitoring the outside forces without our control, what else do we have inside of us that interacts with the outside world?

Our autonomic nervous system is comprised of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system is also known as our “fight or flight” response. It is influenced and aroused by outside factors. When someone pulls a knife on you, your sympathetic nervous system will produce a rise in adrenaline and help your body to react in a way that is intended to help you find safety. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, is known for controlling the “rest and digest” process – the things your body does to keep you alive without any input from your conscious mind.

Perhaps these systems exists on a spiritual level as well. Perhaps this is the reason the “Law of Attraction” seems to work.

But I once watched a documentary about The Secret (or the law of attraction) and found it was more propaganda than anything. If you’re not familiar with the idea, I can summarize it in one story I distinctly remember from the film: A man spoke about how he had been drowning in debt. He told himself he had money even though he didn’t… then POOF! A mysterious check randomly landed in his mailbox and he was saved.

What’s dangerous about believing in this magical phenomenon? Your psyche, for one. If you think your perspective on the outside world alone is enough to manifest physical developments, you might as well spend your entire day convincing yourself your problems have already disappeared. This is a formula for living in denial that will only enable your problems to worsen by not properly addressing them.

Now let’s return to the internal clock and why that is significant. It regulates and interprets an external value without our control or conscious effort. I believe we have an internal spiritual “clock” – only rather than time, it monitors direction.

Keep taking steps, actions and initiatives that take you closer to where you would like to already be. Imagine you at that destination in life you would like to arrive at and shape your day according to that. Spend no time contemplating whether your effort holds any value if the fruits of your labor will never be fully ripe. The system of thought that avoids this destructive, purposeless doubt is known as faith.

When you shape your actions, thoughts, and beliefs to align with a successful outcome you are becoming the person you want to be. As you constantly dwell in a system of perpetual growth each new achievement will come to you without surprise. Your goals will be accomplished because you corrected yourself to attain them, not because you convinced yourself you were capable and your level of blind confidence was enough to fool the physical world.

Just as we have an internal clock to subconsciously monitor time, I believe we have a metaphysical tuning fork that informs us about the direction we are heading in. We know when we are shaping ourselves into the creator we aspire to be just as we know when we are crumbling into a creature of destructive habit.

I hope you take this day to direct your thoughts and actions toward your ideal self. If you take to the sea with your boat and allow the wind to shape your journey you will die lost and starving. Bring your map with you so that even the storms will not misdirect you. Do that, and one day those same storms will only be remembered for helping to shape the greatest captain who ever took to the sea.


king of kings

When you’re having trouble and all is blue,

When clear blue skies are filled with gloom,

When all your hope has turned to doubt,

When all your paths are all worn out,

That’s when you turn to God and say,

I need you to erase all of this grey.

I need your Spirit to succeed,

I need your son to come save me.

Then serve Him and you will see,

The King of Kings saves those in need.

So much so that you will know,

God exalts those He chose.

– Thomas M. Watt

Michael Enters Gnashing – Way of the World


Michael stepped outside of his train carriage at just the same time as Adam did his. They looked at each other briefly, but neither waved and neither smiled.

Michael descended off the platform and started down the wood-panel staircase, brown potato sack over shoulder. At ground level, just after the bottom step, was a cracking, thick, white-plaster archway. Painted along the curved arch, up above, were thel letters, ‘G-N-A-S-H-I-N-G’, lining together like a unified group which had been assembled by an unknown craftsman, just to strike fear into its visitors with its big-black-bold-lettering. Michael took a breath, then entered.

(Excerpt from Way of the World, CH. 4)

– Thomas M. Watt

Angry Soul


Angry bitter misfit meat,

Raging loner somber geek.

Crying loser feeling shame,

No-good doer knows his pain.

Out of type of both the classes,

Not a friend who asks what happened.

Lift your chin up little one, don’t turn your eyes down from their shun.

I know it hurts to be like you, I know it sucks to feel bad too.

Maybe there’s no one who’s true, maybe really the problem’s you.

Listen child ears on me, I promise you I won’t deceive.

When all hope’s lost and life is Hell, when all your thoughts just sound like yells,

Slow down child, slow a step, don’t try so hard to circumvent.

Take a breath and be at ease, give to God your problems please.

Confess to God your faith does break, and to speak with him makes your heart quake.

Don’t have to tuck your shirt to pants, don’t need to act like your advanced.

These days His name is divided, between believers and good liars.

The reason I push these words on you, is because God’s son was hated too.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of Dan Watt, freelance astronomer. Visit his website @ for more amazing photos)

The Way of the World

Chipper feelings feeling good

Sweating more then I probably should

Working hard working late editing sure takes the cake

Mundane work oh yes it is yet still it is so important

What to wear what to say what to do I’m done today

Making my book fresh and tight fixing that shit ’till that shit’s right

Running hard walking fast thinking quickly what’s next task

Creating website here it goes soon the time comes to expose

What I’ve been doing with my life the reason I’ve spent a year inside

The truth is coming so get ready the book is close to being pretty

See the truth evolve from lies in this series I’ll grow your eyes

Soon you will see what’s divine soon I’ll show the world it’s very own lie

Starting steady so it goes the world still don’t even know

Just you wait just wait and see what I’ve written will be read and seized

It is coming almost here tell the worldly they all should fear

The book of days the book of all, “The Way of the World” is what it’s called.

– Thomas M. Watt

Where the Water Runs


The water dripped.

Greg sat and stared and watched as the water dripped.


He leaned his chair back and rocked gently forward and back, eyes fixed on the faucet as he did. All around him were the voices of the party guests, outside came the sounds from the busy streets, and of course the music was pumping from a base system not too far away.


Samantha came over. She sat next to Greg and rubbed his thigh, smiled brightly and whispered, “Hello.”

Greg nodded, but never stopped watching the sink.


“What are you doing?” She asked.

After a slow blink, Greg responded. “I’m thinking.”

She looked out at the dripping faucet, then back to Greg, repulsed. “Thinking? About what exactly?”

A smirk rose on the corner of his lips. “I’m trying to solve the biggest conundrum in the history of the world.”

Samantha giggled, then slapped his thigh. “You’re kidding… right?”
Turning to look at her, Greg shook his head. “No.”

Samantha stood up, then started away. “Okay I don’t like being made fun of. Almost had me, Greggory.” She continued to walk to rejoin the rest of the party, but stopped when Greg called out to her.

“Do you want to know what it is?”

Samantha swiveled around, then faced him with one dark-eyebrow raised. “Seriously?”

Greg stood up. “Yes.” He started over to her.

“What is it?” She said, shaking her head back and forth.

Greg ran a hand through her hair, then turned her face and whispered into her ear. “Why does the water always return to itself in the end, no matter what?”

She turned to face him with a smile. “Because it’s water, duh!” Samantha shrugged, with both her palms turned up. “I don’t know, water is water. It’s not like something you can just make.”

Greg took both her cheeks in his hands then kissed her lips. “Exactly.”

– Thomas M. Watt



Give me this and give me that and then give to me you too.

I need more money no more food no more sex, I do.

I cannot sleep I cannot work I have no energy.

I feel like death and in decay I’m tired but can’t sleep.

The thoughts whirl wild all are bad want to bring you down.

This is a man who has been tricked into taking what he’s found.

Find another person’s view – the one who always gives.

Find another who goes on to feed all those who are in need.

Take a stance to listen more to give and to defend,

Be the one who laughs the most and calls humble folks his friends.

Watch what happens when you set out to do what just was said.

Observe the way your life transforms when you live to serve instead.

What is this? No it cannot be oh no it just cannot,

What can be said when we’re misled into thinking what we’ve got,

Is better ours and better kept and better with us too.

And yet the truth that we all know the truth that you can see,

Is the one true key to happiness is that  giving fills all your needs.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting by Ayse Juaneda, the greatest artist in the world today. Visit her blog to view more of her paintings at