Various thoughts that fit Together in my Untamed Mind


Pretty girl, sitting there, gazing wide, looking fair.

I know you see it, I do too, the art from God, the voice of truth.

The problem is, you know it’s true, we’ve come from heaven with work to do.

I know my calling, know it fine, called to live my life divine.

By God who judges, He who speaks, the One who whispers my heart to sleep.

I know you want it, want it bad, knowledge of this so makes me sad.

For it’s not quite me of which you want, nor my heart, nor my cock.

But you want the dwelling bruise, the heart that aches, the lasting blues.

I’ll say it simply for some ears – the truth hurts me, the truth you fear.

For when she longs and so “Wants you,” all she wants is the pursuit.

Give her mystery, give her myth, a taste of wrong, a hint of bliss.

Her one true goal is to have you chained, but once she does, you’ve lost the game.

– Thomas M. Watt

Intuition Reigns Supreme


Do this, do that, it goes this way too.

You’re wrong, just look, it says right here –

“You will look foolish if you do the thing they say not to do. All sure knows this one rule shows the profession of your technique.”

Guess what my friend, I’ve reached the end, of what this logic means to me.

It means just this – don’t listen to shit. Study what you think.

When you read Harry Potter are you bothered by the adverbs in the read? 

In every profession there is a way the whole crowd surely goes. Turn the other and then go, run from Art’s true foes.

Go the path which most can’t see, where blind men cannot walk. Stride on by the snobby eyes and ignore those who scold.

Then when do we listen, how do learn, what’s the method I preach to you? I say come notice the best in life are those who expose the truth. The surface lies, but hearts divide. From passion and focus, comes true poets, artists and thinkers and you.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Way of the World

Chipper feelings feeling good

Sweating more then I probably should

Working hard working late editing sure takes the cake

Mundane work oh yes it is yet still it is so important

What to wear what to say what to do I’m done today

Making my book fresh and tight fixing that shit ’till that shit’s right

Running hard walking fast thinking quickly what’s next task

Creating website here it goes soon the time comes to expose

What I’ve been doing with my life the reason I’ve spent a year inside

The truth is coming so get ready the book is close to being pretty

See the truth evolve from lies in this series I’ll grow your eyes

Soon you will see what’s divine soon I’ll show the world it’s very own lie

Starting steady so it goes the world still don’t even know

Just you wait just wait and see what I’ve written will be read and seized

It is coming almost here tell the worldly they all should fear

The book of days the book of all, “The Way of the World” is what it’s called.

– Thomas M. Watt

To Speak of Uselessness or Truth


Understanding useless things,

Leads to conversation.

Inclining mind to wisdom’s strings,

Brings about translation.

Taking of what is divine,

To say for mutilation.

Will make you angry and upset,

But will also breed creation.

For many wonder of what’s good,

Many long to know.

However long God goes unheard,

Measures how far we fall.

When you speak of divine things,

What comes from what’s unknown.

You bring to others useful things,

That few will want to know.

But I tell you child listen,

The hour has arrived.

Every time you speak of God,

You plant a seed in time.

For many walk through all their days,

Denying what they hear.

They do so because what’s of God,

Is so what this crowd fears.

But if your wisdom comes from He,

And if you defend him,

What is the problem a crowd brings,

When your strength will not cut thin?

Do you hear me yet or do you long to know,

I’m telling you that what’s of God is greater than your foes.

So let them talk and let them speak and let them mock you too,

It will all fall short right at your feet because what’s of God is true.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Lying ‘Artists’


Weights are heavy, eyes are dim, vision blurs, dreams run thin.

Heavy losses too much to carry, sick of seeing social staring –

At those who like to prance around, look at me, this act I’ve found.

There are few artist out today, the few that are get shunned away.

Instead we look to those untrue, instead we honor the false that do.

How my heart bleeds for the artist, how much pain can one man harness.

What have seekers still got left? What trophy gives to noble quest?

When famous faces like to sing, when all good singers go unseen.

When true labor is ignored, when self glory becomes the norm.

Don’t confuse the two I swear, they are not close the art’s not shared.

If I tell you look at me, say to you I am something,

Run around and destroy others, seek to sin and get much coverage.

I am not an artist see, I am just a man who thieves.

But if I spend my time at work, if my art to your heart flirts,

If I can make you smile, if you hope just for a while,

If you look at what I share, if the artist really cares,

Those who look will not see him, those who look will not grow dim.

You will feel just as I feel, you will know the truth is real.

I can’t take this too much longer, I am so weak from goodness squandered.

Today the tables are flipped around,

Where famous faces claim profound,

They tell you how much great they do,

I hope you don’t believe them too.

Few out there are true to thee,

Few out there who make it big.

So please don’t confuse any longer,

Please don’t think the best is honored.

When your talent goes unnoticed,

When good work don’t get you nowhere,

Remember the crowds are all misjudging,

The greatest artist is always struggling.

– Thomas M. Watt

Man of God

The man walked on. He has cuts all along his face, bruises on his chest, and open wounds on both arms. He walked at a slow pace, mostly staring down. He swallowed, but had no saliva, for he was beyond dehydration.

There were lines of people on both sides of him. All of them smiling. All of them watching. All of them joyous.

The man stumbled then fell. The moment he did, he was greeted by a lash to his back from the guard behind. He struggled, but picked himself back up.

They hated him. They all hated him. They wanted to see him die for no other reason then to prove to themselves he was wrong. They wanted him to lie and renounce all that he had spoken to them. But he wouldn’t. It was for this reason that he had come – to show them there was a better way than they knew existed. It was for this reason they were killing him. But they didn’t even know it.

As the man continued on, the crowd grew all the more festive. He looked ahead and saw the place of the skulls, where he was to die. He swallowed again, but his throat was still too dry.

It was for them he was being killed. It was for the ones who were mocking him and spitting on him. He had taught them many things, all of which were good, and it was for these teachings he was being killed. Not because they were wrong, or even untrue, but because the world could not accept them, for he had shown them a better way than what they could accept to exist. He had shown them a way that defied all human logic. He had revealed to them the meaning of all things, the fabric of all lies, and the strength of all truths. And now he was to die, because they refused to open their eyes and see. They refused to accept that there was a greater way, all because they preferred the comfort of the lie. But they didn’t even know it.

– Thomas M. Watt


A poet’s share is words in twine,

a lion’s scare is roar in time.

A wise man’s vice is pride of self,

a woman’s touch is good for health.

The love of life of loving things,

the life of virtue beats disease,

Let it all go, if you all please,

let these things go and keep with me,

A node of thought is thought too much,

a thought of worry can defeat such,

A glare A stare A thought for you,

how many eyes have fought here too.

A young girl’s breast, a sweet girls kiss,

the taste of honey drips from sweet lips.

Such and such and such and stew,

Love with love what love can do,

When evil dies all good arises,

death to violence and peace surmises,

Read a book and see what time is.

Life alone of suffering,

or life of friends that nothing brings,

It would be fun for me to think,

If all the poets could compete,

If all the writers could act as men,

if all the artist saw to the end.

If all thought died, I thought I think,

I’d like to view art as the sea.

To set the scale on art yet shown,

to rate the work on truth alone,

Get these thoughts all out I think,

get them out and watch what art brings.

To view the work as what man do,

and cease to judge based on your view,

To accept a thought a thought I think,

to rate the poet by his own ink.

To see the work as his work do,

and ignore the man who captures you,

For all the artists think alike,

all great thinkers have a sight.

All great minds are troubled too,

and all great judges judge those too.

How nice the thought, the thought I think,

how nice the day when poets drink.

To the rhymes of words of words forgotten,

ignoring views of what was blotted.

And knowing what matters is what words means,

This is not sameness, or re-la-ting.

This is to say all art will show much,

including truth and injustice.

Sin of evil, good in God, art is the vessel that man has got.

– Thomas M. Watt