Master invades Phil Gordon’s dreams and burns his real life down to hell – Wife and daughter abducted, Master claims responsibility. He threatens to slaughter them unless Phil drives an RV loaded with explosives into the city. Complicating everything is Phil’s ex-girlfriend, who’s stuck with him for the trip. The only way he can save his family is to figure out who Master is, where he can find him, and whether he even exists

“Clock is ticking, Mr. Gordon.”



24 thoughts on “MASTER

  1. I love these. It must be great to be able to visualize the characters in your story this way. I’m rubbish at drawing, so i’ll just have to wait until they make my book into a movie (or until HBO buys it; I don’t mind which).

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    • You’re welcome. I’m compiling a mailing list for Master updates that will be sent out once or twice a week. It would be great to include you in that list.

      I enjoyed your blog setup a lot. I would love to have ‘Master’ featured as one of your future book reviews.

      • Sounds good. I will probably end up doing an essay on it to be honest, discussing motifs and writing techniques-that sort of thing. What got me hooked from the blurb was its simplicity. There are heaps of psychological thrillers today but your title is just unpretentious. I got the feeling that if I were to read it (which I will) I would be coming across genres of mystical realism and metaphysical conflict. Now even if that interpretation is wrong, that doesn’t matter. Because your story, despite it being from a genre that has many contributions-has a structure and presentation that is original. Its why I’m excited to read it, I’m sure its a great book (:

      • Wow, thank you so much. I’m really happy that the premise is exciting to you as it is to me. You’re right about the numerous potential conflicts, that’s the main reason I decided to give this story the time it needs for development. Thank you for the comment, I will definitely be getting you a free review copy prior to its release.

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      • If I had it my way I would pay you because I don’t like not paying people who do good work when I know I’m going to like it. Especially with things that take a lot of time to do. I’m new to blogging so you can probably tell. I will definitely do a review or more on it. However, I have my final exams coming up in October so I wont be able to prioritise your book as a top goal because I have literature and English books to revise at the same time with totally different subjects. I cant overload myself or else I’m going to crash. I have a limit after all. Bad results on the exams equals no university and I cant afford that at this stage in my life. After October, I will definitely be free. Before then, I will try my hardest to read your book and to slowly write a review or auteur essay and edit it before I show it, but if time for that conflicts with exam study, I will have to chose the study and I’m sorry I disappoint you there ): So my main point is, if you really want to give me a free copy, don’t expect a writing piece on it in the following weeks to come or else you are doing yourself a disservice and I don’t want to exploit your efforts by getting your work for free and not holding up my end of the bargain. Which I will happily do, but very slowly under the circumstances.

      • Haha, it’s alright. I haven’t decided on an official release date yet, so maybe my book will be available at a time when you’re less busy. I am always looking for beta readers, so if you’re interested in providing me feedback directly now, that could be an option.

        I am most likely going to offer ‘Master’ for free when it’s initially released, in order to pump up the number of downloads and build some momentum. I’m hoping that the story will be good enough for readers to recommend it to others, and so early exposure is my top priority.

  4. Beta readers look over a manuscript before it is published and offer the author their insights. Having reliable beta readers review my work before i release it to the public will help me find any glaring errors and assure me of whether this is a story worth promoting.

  5. I would like to be a beta reader. Highlight the bits on word document that are significant and any major stuff that deserves attention. Not letting anyone else see it of course. Who do you consider ‘reliable’?

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  7. Hi Thomas, hey good luck with your book launch. The story so far is very intriguing. Your style is fast flowing and smooth. I think it will do very well. You have certainly done your homework on the whole marketing side of it, and giving it your best shot. (Thanks for liking my book trailer too by the way. Much appreciated to have positive feedback.)

    • Thank you Teresa. Your book trailer was awesome! Kind of makes me want to do one myself. How long did it take you to make it? And thank you for your kind comments about Master and marketing (trust me though, I know nothing about the latter… my knowledge is limited to diving in with my eyes closed).

      • Well, would you believe, (and this is just between us, top secret) I learned how to make them online and came up with those trailers over 2 or 3 days of mucking about with them? 🙂 I’m like a dog with a bone when I want to do something, and thought well, hey, if it sucks, I have a delete button, right? And as far as marketing goes, believe me, we are ALL diving in with our eyes closed, and hoping to reach that distant shore where the famous float about like Gods (not really but a few thousand sales would make my year). One blog I’d advise you to check out, if you haven’t already, is a guy called Chuck Wendig, Terrible Minds. He’s the funniest dude I’ve come across and pretty knowledgeable with this writing craft. Keep in touch, its good to have other authors in your circle for support.

      • Wow, sounds like it was a ton of work, but after viewing it I can honestly say it paid off. I’ve heard of Chuck Wendig before; actually emailed him when I was first starting out and was thrilled to hear back from him. His audience is growing everyday, not long before he’s a bestseller. I know, his blog cracks me up, too! I like what you said about us authors sticking together, that means a lot to me and I feel the same way. Thanks for the kind and insightful comment, Teresa!

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