30 days of listening – Day 3

Day 3 – Chris

Chris is a marine. I have known him as an acquaintance since I was young, but last night I finally had the chance to chat with him. As a young man, he was extremely quirky and somewhat dorky. After high school he enlisted in the marines, and since then has put on a ton of muscle and is by all means a manly guy. He is in the army now, and was complaining that the training there is simply too easy for him.

He served in Afghanistan, and now that he is home is looking to enlist in school and works towards a degree. He is currently working the graveyard shift at a local food department store, helping to stock the groceries while he listens to his Ipod. He is a very hard worker, and very disciplined. His insight into running conditions and long-term effects of treadmill running were very helpful for me, as he offered very helpful advice. Running on grass is the most ideal for your knees, he suggested.

Thank you Chris, for your service to your country and your dedication to growing as a human being. I hope one day to do my part in helping to sustain the strength of this great nation.

– Thomas M. Watt

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