A Study in the False State of Niceness

This is a complex subject of which I have put much thought in too, and in which brings about many other outstanding understandings of the human spirit. For now, I would like to keep it short and simple, however, one day, I would like to write a book or more on the topic. But this is the seed, and I wish to give the seed for now, because I have been drinking and because the seed is one in which develops into quite an amazing tree. But that tree is mine, and only I can see it, and it is going to take much more than five minutes in order to show it to you in its entirety. But here is the seed.

There are two types of happiness. One is genuine, one is forced. In the forced happiness category, we can decisively attribute DisneyLand workers, corny jokes, and kindly dressed persons. For, all these forms of ‘niceness’ are done specifically for the personification of appearing as something that is not actually there – a friendly smile to someone you do not know, a laugh to something that is not funny, a kindness to a stranger who you do not care for. These are examples of false niceness which are done on the foundation of human courtesy.

I am not trying to discredit kindness, please understand that. I am trying to reach a point that is very complex.

So, on the one hand, we have many occasions where we are nice because it is the courteous thing to do. On the other hand, we have those who we genuinely enjoy engaging with, and there is nothing false between us.

Ugh… I kind of wish I wasn’t somewhat tipsy right now… this is a hard point to arrive to.

Okay, so there we have it – two forms of niceness. One is real, one is fake. I believe it is equally accurate to say one is of God, one is purely human.

So then, if we were to look at this ‘false state of niceness’ as something which is arbitrary and meaningless to God, what are we to make of it? Are we to be mean to those we don’t like? Are we to be grumpy when we feel like being grumpy?

“From the heart, the mouth speaks.”

What we can then deduce from these words of Jesus, that what exits the mouth is directly sent from the heart. What is of the heart, is of the truth. Therefore, there is more to words than we realize, and we can honestly say that this ‘false state of niceness’ fools nobody. How can we say it fools nobody? Because the mouth speaks from the heart.

Do you understand? The words are meaningless. All human contact is made through an invisible means. Ridiculous? Logic may say so, but did you not know exactly what I meant when I said some forms of niceness are counterfeit whereas others are genuine?

So I may smile and say something that prompts you to laugh, but it is really not funny and neither one of us gives a shit about each other. Why? Because neither one of us gives a shit about each other.

So how do you change that? What is the Christian thing to do if some forms of kindness are arbitrary?

It is to change the heart. It is to reach inside and see the ‘being’ you are talking to, rather than the face set before you. To hear the motive behind the words, rather than the words themselves.

This is the seed of a spectacular tree. I wish to tell you more, but the time is not now.

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