Master – 2.2


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“Why are you laughing?”

“You’re paranoid baby. I swear, sometimes I wonder if I married a schizophrenic.”

She returns to me again, then playfully straightens out my Montreal Expos cap. “You’re Phillip Gordon! You stand a sexy six-foot four, don’t take shit from nobody, and married the hottest Latina this town has ever seen.” She sets her hand on my knee, then slides it up my thigh, closer to my crotch. “You have a beautiful daughter, named Avery. You’re the greatest football player this town has ever known. And you know what? If anyone gives you shit, just dump enough chlorine in their pools to kill off their entire families. And their little poodles.”

I laugh. “Saying things like that could get you in trouble.”

“I don’t give a fuck what people think, baby! Only you.”

Loretta rubs the crotch part of my jeans with the flat of her palm until she finds my dong. Then, in the sexiest voice you could ever imagine, “You like when I do this?”

Loretta forms her hand into a fist and punches me right in the dick.

“Hey!” I say, then shove her away with a single arm. She giggles like a school girl as she returns to her seat, then smiles to herself while staring out the window. I laugh at first, then the ride turns to silence. No music playing, no conversation – just silence.


“Ya Baby?”

“I love you.”

She takes my hand and kisses the back of it. “Love you forever, Phillip Gordon.”


  • Thomas M. Watt

3 thoughts on “Master – 2.2

  1. Great stuff as always and I love the cover too 🙂 I also can’t wait for 3.1 🙂 On an unrelated note, halloween is coming up and If you wanted to know who some of my favorite horror filmmakers are they would be in alphabetical order by last name, they would be: Mario Bava, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg (although, his work is more complex to be labeled such) and George A. Romero 🙂 If you have never heard of any of these directors, IMDB them because they have done some really great stuff 🙂 Here are four of my many favorite horror films of all time by director’s last name:

    1. A Bay of Blood (1971) (Dir: Mario Bava) (Italy)
    2. The Thing (1982) (Dir: John Carpenter) (USA)
    3a. The Fly (1986) (Dir: David Cronenberg) (USA/Canada)
    3b. The Brood (1979) (Dir: David Cronenberg) (Canada)
    4. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (Dir: George A. Romero) (USA)

    Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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